Wednesday, March 3, 2021

KBShimmer: Enchanted Forest Collection

Available now at, the Enchanted Forest collection has nine polishes in a variety of colors and finishes. Some have a brand new pigment we've not yet seen KBShimmer use!

Amanita Moment
A nod to the fungi of fairytales. A sage green crelly filled with flakes that shift from red, orange, gold and green with a similar shifting shimmer.


Branching Out
A tri-thermal that echoes the hues of a dimly lit forest. Indigo when cold which goes to periwinkle as it warms up and finally a mint shade. The polish is packed with flakes that shift from gold to green, and aqua.

Dawn to Earth
The dark blue jelly base mimics the early morning skies as the sun begins to rise. The added shifting shimmer has hues of fuchsia, rose, and in some lights, peach, and gold.

Frequent Flyer
A nod to iridescent wings. Shimmering shades of gold, green, aqua, peach, rose, and violet.

Shown in three coats with topcoat. Try this over other pastel shades or for more jewel toned shifts, try over black.

Hidden Potential
A mysterious polish that starts with violet and a strong bronze to golden green shimmer in direct lighting. In indirect lighting, it shows a rainbow of hidden colors from a reddish copper, to burnt orange to gold, to green, blue, and navy and purple.

I'd Pick You
Lady Slippers, trilliums, violets, and asters inspire this polish shade. A pastel orchid crelly base with shifting flakes of leaf green, goldenrod, peach, and at some angles, aqua.

Mist Me
Echoes the churning waters with a slate blue base and a shifting shimmer with shades of copper and gold. The linear holo effect shows best under a bright spotlight.

No Illusions
Magical, that's all ya'll need to know.

Ok, here's a description. :)
A bright teal that shifts into emerald and blue, then purple and magenta. At some angles, gold and orange tones show. It looks like a real oil slick right on the nail, no photoshop trickery here. My photos are straight out of the camera, cropped and watermarked.

What The Fudge?
A milk chocolate color cream polish.
Oh and some nailart, because why not?

All polishes are shown in two coats with topcoat unless otherwise noted. The formulas for each of them was good, no issues to report.

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