Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Polish Pickup: birds, bees, and butterflies

The theme this month for Polish Pickup is birds, bees, and butterflies. Launching March 5 at 10a Central through 8, 11p Central. A lot of brands have offerings this month, and I have some of them to show you!

1850 Artisan Glasswing Butterfly
A delicate multichrome that shifts primarily from purple to turquoise and blue with gold and green on the edges. Topped wit purple to turquoise multichrome shimmer, holographic microflakes, and a touch of gold to pink multichrome shimmer
No Cap
Shown in two coats with topcoat. I love the blue purple shift and tiny holo dotted throughout.

Alter Ego What a Big Boy!
Inspired by the blue Morpho butterfly, this polish begins with a light blue base which is flecked with shimmer and black microglitter.
No Cap
Shown in two coats with topcoat, no issues to report. The speckled look of this polish has me.

Alter Ego Pet & People Potion
A solid lotion bar made with locally grown & harvested beeswax, soybean, coconut & olive oils, and unrefined shea butter. It maintains its natural scent, which to my nose is slightly sweet. The bar can be used for pet's foot pads, people's hands, feet, elbows and anywhere else to create a nourishing barrier.
I used this on my cuticles as shown in the photo and then on my legs after showering, as my skin gets so dry in winter. This bar fixed that right up and prevented my skin from itching. I don't have a pet, but I will definitely be using up the rest of this bar, great results!

KBShimmer With The Band
A deep, navy blue jelly base with bold color-shifting flakes that mimic the feathers of the Nicobar pigeon. The flakes shift with hues of red, orange, yellow, green, and hints of aqua at some angles.
No Cap
Yes! A nice squishy jelly flake with a dark contrasting base.

KBShimmer Restoration Drop Thinner
Restore your thick, stringy, goopy or even completely dried out polishes with this thinner. Add a few drops at a time and shake then test, until you have the consistency you desire. If the polish is fully hard, add about 20 drops and let sit overnight, shake the next day, test and repeat until it is thin enough. Glitter polishes are generally thicker and too much thinner can reduce the suspension properties.
The bottle comes with an extra dropper style cap for easy application. To prevent evaporation of the thinner, store with the flat top.

I used KBShimmer thinner for a long while before I became a blogger for her brand. It works well and does not contain any extra/unnecessary ingredients. In the photos, I included my current bottle and an empty bottle that I kept. In total, the PR sample is my fourth bottle and I'm so glad she chose the thinner for PR this round as I was almost out!

Lollipop Posse The Tulgey Wood
A candy apple red crelly base filled with pink/orange/gold Aurora shimmer and deep indigo/purple crystal chameleon flakies.
Inspiration: The Spectacle Bird from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, that sits atop the Tulgey Wood signpost.
No Cap
Such a beautifully vibrant shade among all this winter weather here. A welcome sunny, hapy sight! Shown in three coats with topcoat.

LynB Strut Your Stuff
Inspired by roosters and their beautiful plumage
A rusty brown/red base filled with scattered holo, red to orange to yellow shifting flakies and green to orange to gold shifting flakies.
No cap
Such a beautiful shade and formula was fantastic. Shown in three coats with topcoat

Nevermind Look At Me Dance
A black jelly with metallic electric blue microflakes, microglitter and a hint of holo
*comes with standard brush, wide brush can be purchased separately.
Cap: 200
I had to giggle when I saw the inspiration, the Superb Bird of Paradise, with his hopping dance and stunning plumage. Nail art with feathers as a shout out to all the pretty birds. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

The Soapy Chef Snow Way hand and nail scrub
Inspired by the Great Snowy Egret
A gentle exfoliating scrub for hands and nails that emulsifies and lathers when water is added. It will condition and brighten nails and cuticles, leaving skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Scented with a bright and zesty lemon and grapefruit scent.
Cap: 125
I love how soft and gentle this scrub is. I can scrub my irritated dry wintery skin without worry. The scrub leaves my skin soft and feeling moisturized.

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