Wednesday, February 3, 2021

HHC: February 2021

I have three HHC polishes to share with you this month. These along with many others launch on February 14th at 12:01am Eastern time through 21st at 11:59pm Hawaiian time at

1850 The Vicar
A bright raspberry base with a variety of pink, purple, and blue shimmers and multichrome flakes that transition from fuchsia to gold and green.
Inspired by the conflicted Vicar Sidney, a conflicted crime-solving star of the Masterpiece show Grantchester. The colors were derived from Sidney's traveling outfit while on holiday in London.
No cap

Shown is two coats with topcoat, application was smooth, no clumps or dragging.

Alter Ego Sorbonne Bearded Iris
Holo black, holo red and holo yellow microglitters
No cap

I LOVE a good microglitter and this one is exceptional. I think I have finally found my 'picture window' polish that I've been looking for since 2012. This one is perfect!
Shown in two coats with topcoat.

Lollipop Posse I Find You Acceptable
A lemon yellow jelly accented with bright blue-shifting Aurora shimmer and blue-to-purple shifting iridescent flakes.
Inspiration: Lemongrab, from Adventure Time.
No cap

Shown is three coats with topcoat. The shifting Aurora and flakes were difficult to capture without making the whole shade of yellow inaccurate in the photos. It's definitely there, just washed out by my lighting, unfortunately. The formula was good, easy to apply, no issues.

LynB Designs Not the Meek and Obedient Type
A deep bluish black to red to orange to yellow shifting shimmer with scattered rainbows of holo.
Cap 180

Shown is three coats with topccoat, formula was smooth and easy to apply.

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  1. These are lovely. Liking the yellow! Donno, been a right yellow mood lately!


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