Monday, December 21, 2020

Polish Pickup: Birthstones, Gems, & Minerals

The theme this month for Polish Pickup is Birthstones, Gems, & Minerals! Launching Jan 1 at 10a Central through 4, 11p Central. A lot of brands have offerings this month, and I have some of them to show you!

1850 Artisan Periwinkle Sapphire
Tri-thermal that transitions from light periwinkle blue when warm to blue when cool and purple when cold. Filled with pink to gold multichrome shimmer, fuchsia to purple and gold mini microflakes, and tightly packed scattered holographic shimmer.
No cap

Shown is two coats with topcoat. I enjoyed watching this polish shift between shades as I wore it. There was one point where my nails looked like a light to dark blue gradient! With this polish I wore the 1850 Fast Track topcoat and experienced no chipping by day 7 removal. If you're looking for a topcoat, try hers out!

KBShimmer Rose Glow
A blend of small and micro holographic glitters in pale pink, warm rose, soft blush, and gleaming gold mixed together create a rose gold polish with heaps of sparkle. The shade of polish is said to compliment many skin tones.
No cap

Shown is three coats with gelous and quick dry topcoat. Super duper sparkly! I have totally missed this type of blingy glitter polish.

KBShimmer Feeling a Little Salty sugar scrub
The scent has top notes of salty sea spray, middle notes of ozone and fresh rain with subtle lily of the valley and jasmine and base notes of greens, pine, and musk.
No cap

I found this sent to be very much a water scent, soft and rounded. Not heady or strong but calming. I have found KBShimmer's scrubs to be very consistent in how they work and feel - moisturizing and softening after use.

Nevermind Imperial Jasper
A deep magenta with speckled blue shimmer and goldo holographic glitters.
Inspired by the stone of the same name. *comes with standard brush, wide brushes can be purchased separately.
US cap: 250
UK cap: 20

Shown in two coats with topcoat. I absolutely love a dark syrupy berry shade like this! The blue shimmer and glitters are yummy and add depth.

The Soapy Chef Rose Quartz Resin Trinket Dish
Designed to look like natural stone, this resin dish includes a cluster of real rose quartz stones. The dish has four rubbery feet to prevent scratching surfaces when moved. Use the dish as a coaster, soap dish, or any trinkets you like! Each handmade dish is unique and one of a kind.

Such a pretty dish and very well made! I love the little see through areas around the edge and that gold design in there is gorg!

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