Saturday, May 4, 2019

Night Owl Lacquer: Wish Upon a Tulip

I had the opportunity to review Lindsey's COTM (Cream of the month) this month, and it's a beaut!

Wish Upon a Tulip
She describes this polish as a bright fuchsia leaning hot pink creme

I would say this is almost neon, if not neon. It's like right on the line to being a neon. It is definitely pink, almost like highlighter pink. It does not lean purple although many of the photos I have seen of it look purpley. I have color corrected mine as best I could because mine came out of the camera the same as all the others, purple leaning.

Painted with care, this could be a one coater. I am showing two coats which I do for smoothness and to ensure that there aren't any thin patches to show up under my bright lights. I saw another swatcher tried stamping with it, and it looked fantastic, so look for her photos and more over in the facebook fan group for Night Owl Lacquer.

xoxoJen's swatch of Night Owl Lacquer: Wish Upon a Tulip
xoxoJen's swatch of Night Owl Lacquer: Wish Upon a Tulip

Available at the Night Owl shop on May 4 at 12 PM MDT. Also available is limited restock of the Light & Bright creams, which this polish goes perfectly with!

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