Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tailgate Party!

I'm part of the Culture Committee group at work that plans events and fun activities for our organization. Last week, I was in charge of the tailgate party pot luck where I advertise, promote, plan, set up, and tear down the event. I had just gotten my order from Llarowe which included a silky brown Color Club polish called Fondue For Two and this was the perfect opportunity to use it - Football Nails!

As I was brainstorming how I would make this nail art a reality, I remembered the big box of flocking powders in all different colors that my Uncle Mark had given me for Christmas last year. I hadn't gotten to use them yet and thought they'd be perfect to top a couple of nails with for a realistic turf effect!

Color Club Fondue For Two Football nail art

Color Club Fondue For Two Football nail art

I absolutely LOVE the Color Club polish. It's the most perfect shade of chocolate in two coats and the formula is so silky and smooth. I just don't see how it could get any better than this!
The nail art was super easy to do - a couple stripes and lines with a striping brush and just a couple of dips into the flocking powder with wet nails for the others.
I love how they turned out!
What do you think?

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  1. Hi Jen, this mani is so fitting for your event. I've heard the flocking powder actually holds up pretty well, too. Did it make it through your party, even the clean-up?

    1. Thank you! It definitely turned some heads. LOL It held up for about two days (two showers and lots of hand washing) and then I noticed some patches where there was no flocking powder. I was surprised it lasted that long!


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