Friday, September 19, 2014

My Birthday and a Meet Up!

Twin Manis and My Birthday Mani!

My birthday is today, September 19th! Yay!!
I met up with Connie Friday and Saturday last week and we did twin manis for the occassion. We both took part in choosing the polishes and this is how it turned out!

I'm calling it my birthday mani because I was still wearing it into the wee hours of Friday so it's my birthday mani for half a day, too!

I hope everyone's Friday is awesome!

xoxoJen's birthday and twin manis

We wore a purple holo on our thumb, index and middle finger. Connie's was Llarowe This Girl is on Fire...Help! and mine was Llarowe Toga Toga Toga!

On our ring and pinkies we wore a group custom by Smitten called Pigment of my Imagination. I bought one for Connie and sent it to her after our last meet up to show my appreciation for her visit!

On top of the middle fingers we wore Lynnderella Aquamarine Calm and on our thumbs and ring fingers we wore Lynnderella Magic Fairy Stars.

xoxo, Jen signature


  1. Happy birthday! Awesome manis. :)

  2. Jen, I hope you had a great day on your birthday. It's so nice to celebrate with friends, isn't it? And a friend-twinsie-mani is even better. Both of these are pretty and fall appropriate, too!

    1. My birthday was wonderful, and thank you for the compliment!


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