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Sudsy's Haul and Scent Review
Ordered: 7/12
cns 8/14
arrived 8/20 - she sent extra freebies because of the long tat. She kept me informed throughout. This order had a few disappointments as you'll see in my review. The largest of those though was that the box wreaked of cigarette smoke. The tarts, the plastic overwraps, the plastic bottles and the wooden rose were all permeated with it. I have let it sit, because I have learned that sitting and airing out will rid the smoke smell. All my stuff no longer smells like smoke, except for the wood rose; I can still pick up a trace of it. Out of three packages, this is the only one that smelled like smoke, so I really think that its happening somewhere in the transport.

This is partly why I put off writing this review, I wanted to be truthful, yet tactful. I also did not want to deal with or stir up any drama over these comments. I didn't contact her, because really there isn't much she could do. I don't like giving negative comments, but feel they are necessary to keep the review up front and honest. So there it is, my underwear showing. :P

Will I order from Sudsy's again? Absolutely yes, soon as I'm off this no buy. I really really want a LOT of her autumn scents and I'm probably going to miss out on them, like the black sugar OMG.

(4 oz) scrubs
Pink Flamingo x2 - Fragrance oil for candles and soap. A whimsical blend of citrus and cherry. Like a sunny day in Florida!
When I got the wax tart from Sudsy's in my last order, it smelled just like a scent my mom and I loved that was discontinued. So I placed my order for products for my mom and myself, 2 of each thing. Sadly, the scrub and the lotion don't smell like the wax did to me. This scent is very cherry and very sweet. Its nice, just not what I was expecting. (one jar had no scent label) The spray and shower gel smell like the wax did though. Love those!

4 oz Silky body spray
Pink Flamingo x2 (reviewed above)

Purple boxed deLites-Buttery vanilla cookies covered with intoxicating caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes. (Jen's blend, a Sudsy's exclusive)
--This is my scent creation and I absolutely adore it so I ordered a big size of it, but what I received was a 2oz bottle of it instead. It got mixed up with the Sweet tooth fairy scent, which is in the 4oz and was supposed to have been in the 2 oz size. Its ok, because I love them both, just a little disappointing that there was the mix up.

Silky Body splash 2oz (This is similar to a dry oil spray, soaks in pretty quickly and leaves skin feeling powdery soft)
Sweet Tooth Fairy - Strawberry cotton candy with a sprinkling of pink bubble gum. Our interpretation of a fragrance by a popular co.
--I really adore this scent, it smells like cotton candy to me. This was a reorder. :)

Silky Body splash 1oz
Kisses - Rich french vanilla, vanilla extract, 2 types of amber including resin, and dark Egyptian musk. A Sudsy's Soaps creation, you'll find yourself addicted to this! This is strong on the amber and dries down to a sensual blend of all notes.
--I really absolute LOVE this fragrance! Its everything it is described to be and then some! If you like amber and vanilla, this is a must try!

Pink sugar and Watermelon blended - I requested this custom blend and I'm VERY pleased with it! Its sooo yummy smelling, better than I expected! :D Absolutely LOVE it! Perfect for a summer scent, but I am going to wear it through the winter too!

Body Spray 1 oz
Faeries - Luscious blend of confectioners sugar paired with fruit syrup of wild berry, orange crush, black cherries & tangerine are molded into vanilla taffy create a sweet tooth, bubble gum dream!
--I get berries, vanilla pudding and orange slices all mixed in a big bowl and topped with sugar sprinkles. Very yummy scent!

Boston Scream Pie - This spooky treat creates tempting desire. Rich butter cream is warmed with a hint of spice and lifted by fruity tone for gourmand appeal. A vanilla custard background is enriched with hints of coconut milk to support the creamy signature of the creation. A Sudsy's exclusive for Halloween.
--Smells like spiced banana taffy to me. Not exactly what I had expected but I'll probably wear it. :)

bubble gum - An aroma of a sweet, juicy childhood bazooka bubblegum.
--Definitely bubble gum, I can even smell that powdery dust from the freshly unwrapped squares.

egyptian musk- Warm, sensual and very calming. Rich and full-bodied, it is a mysterious and haunting fragrance. You will imagine Cleopatra, herself, wearing this regal fragrance. It is often used to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life.
--I ordered this because I have not ever smelled this as a single note, and I really do love it. Its soft and clean smelling, unlike most musks that I've sniffed. This is definitely the one used in the MM Musk scent from Sudsy's. I could layer this with all kinds of scents! Can't wait to experiment!

fig- Pure essence of Mediterranean Italian Fig sun baked & bursting with fragrance! Earthy essence & oh so sensual.
--I have not ever smelled fig before, so I dont really have anything to compare it to. The fragrance is kind of like a dark fruit, a little on the warmer side and almost musky, but not. It has a certain ethereal clean lingering in the background. Very nice, can't wait to try it out. I think it will be perfect for autumn.

flirty pink - Our Pink Sugary mingling with Egyptian Musk. A Sudsy's Soaps blend.
--I first saw this one reviewed by smiles and it struck my curiosity. I am so glad because it is an awesome scent! The musk really enhances the strength of the pink sugar. Who would have thought?!

koolade - This fragrance takes in the rainbow of flavors and back to that perfect summer day
--Smells a lot like a freshly opened packet of red koolade. Yum!

lick me all over - A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.
--Smells almost exactly like the Champagne scent that I got from Sudsy's in one of my previous orders. Its clean yet softened by the florals.

scandalous - Our Pink Sugar type flirts with our sweet, Sweet Orange and drops a sexy note with Gardenia. A Sudsy's Soaps blend. Contains essential oil.
--Definitely pink sugar and orange, but I'm not picking up the gardenia as a single note. It must be light and blend well with the other two scents. I like this one, a nice spin on pink sugar. :)

4 oz Lotion (really liking the lotions, they are light and absorb quickly)
MM musk - love this, its a reorder. :)

Purple boxed deLites - reorder
Pink Chocolates - reorder
Pink Flamingo x2 - reviewed above
Pink Macaroon - reorder

4 oz shower gel - very watery compared to prior shower gels I got from Sudsy's.
MM Musk - reorder
Pink Flamingo x2 - reviewed above

pinkest flamingo on the block 4oz scrub - no scent description
--Very very sweet and very cherry.

fruit loops 1oz body splash - This fragrance begins with top notes of lemon rinds, lime, and grapefruit; middle notes of lemongrass, lily, and verbena; and base notes of vanilla sugar. Wow!
--Just like the cereal! Loving this, so glad she sent it!

bird of paradise 1oz silky spray - Fruity top and middle notes of strawberries, pomegranates with a creamy vanilla base. Everyone who sniffs this falls in love.
--Delicious! Sweet, fruity and yummy! Another one that I'm glad she sent to me! I would not have ordered this one based on decription.

wax tart scallop Vanilla Insanity - The label got smudged by me, so I'm not completely sure of the name of this. It smells like a very caramelized vanilla. Yummy!

wax tart strawberry candy - no description but it smells just like you would expect it to!

a little over 2ml of blood orange eo. - I've never sniffed this on its own, its very very tart and citrusy.

Rootbeer float shooting star - Icy flakes of rootbeer topped with luscious vanilla ice cream and drizzles of rootbeer syrup.
--exactly that! Just like a rootbeer float. Very Yummy!

She also sent a wooden rose that had been scented in Faeries scent.

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