Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lathers & Lights Haul and Review

Lathers & Lights webshop
Ordered 7/31 arrived 8/20
First, I love their small size sampler packs. I wish all companies did this or something similar. I have so much bath/body product, that I prefer to get smaller sizes when I can as long as they are priced at a good value.
Second, I like their labels, very easy to read, nice quality, full ingredient lists, and are pretty smudgeproof.
Third, I like both the lotions and the creams. Very soft feeling, absorb well, and feel luxurious.
Creams are: 4.5 oz. $9.25 and 9 oz. $16.00
Lotions are: 2 fl oz. Bottle / $5.50 4 fl oz. Bottle $7.50 / 8 fl oz. Pump Bottle $14.00
The lotion is just a hair lighter than the butter, but it is still a fairly thick heavy lotion.
Since they are similar in consistency, I would definitely opt for the lotions if I were going to order full sizes.
I also requested a sample of the coconut saffron, and not only did they include one, but they gave a TON of samples!
They even let a little happy duck ride along in my package! :D too cute!

body cream sampler:
Mexican Lime Pure, sweetened key lime juice.
--Very straight up lime, its not sweet in a sugary way, but sweet like a real lime smells.

Marshmallow Creme (no scent description)
--smells a little chemical-like will let this dry down and come back to it. Yep, its better now. Sweet and creamy, smells a lot like an angel food cake!

Candy Corn We've sourced the most perfect rendition of this addictive Halloween treat of corn syrup, sugar, honey and buttery vanilla. Our best-selling fall fragrance for several years!
--This doesn't smell like candy corn to me, it smells more like the brown sugar crumbles my mom puts on top of apple pie Or like the pie crust McDonald's pies have. Jas said it smells like sweet bread to him, I could definitely pick up a kind of sweet yeasty baked scent. I sniffed my bowl of candy corn afterward and they smell nothing alike. I still enjoy this scent though, its nice and bakery smelling!

Lemon Squares Tart lemon baked with rich, creamy vanilla and sugar with a garnish of freshly shredded coconut.
--I compared this to my Moona Lemming crack and its missing the crust note that Moona's version has. Other than that, it is the same lemon and coconut. Side by side, this one actually grabs my vote because its a stronger more prominent lemon/coconut, where the crust note in Moo's really tones down the lemon and coconut. Jas prefers Moo's blend, because it smells like a whole pie.

Lotion sampler:
Pirate Booty - cedar and oak, a touch of citrus and tropical fruits, and spiced rum.
--Very fresh smelling to me and familiar but I cannot figure out where I have smelled this before. I thought the wood note would be warm and earthy, but they're really more bright and uplifting. I would say this could pass for a spa type scent. I like it quite a bit!

Ginger Milk Spicy white ginger meets warm amber and smooth vanilla in a light, but wonderful fragrance!
--BBW Rice Flower and Shea dupe, I'd say 100% exact but I don't have rfas here to compare.

Halo Halo - This favorite Filipino dessert combines coconut meat, lychee berries, jackfruit, mango, and other fruits with sugar, shaved ice and milk. A scoop of ice cream on top completes this luscious concoction!
--I got this scent previously in a scrub from MCS and absolutely loved the scent. When I saw it on LL scentlist, I HAD to have a lotion too! Absolutely sweet and candy like but not completely sugary, there's a lot of vanilla in this too. LOVE IT!!

Pink Sand Beach - Pink sugar crystals with rich vanilla creme, marshmallow, and fresh cracked coconut.
--Just like you'd expect this to smell, very lovely! Excuse me while I go huff. xD Super Yummy!


  1. I love the little ducky! And the sample packets are great, I hate being stuck with a whole bottle of something I will never use.


  2. Absolutely! I have since learned that giving out heaps of samples is normal for LnL! :)


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