Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Button Soap Company review

Happy Button Soap company
Shop - opening early October

This company is owned and operated by the blue's very own sharkdiver

I was lucky enough to swap for a preview scrub from Bree, and boy was I stoked! After having tried a sample from tgirl, I was dying to get my hands on a full size!
Bree was a pleasure to work with, and when the package arrived it was so cute with all the buttons and ephemera!
Happy Button scrubs are to die for! Very scrubby, very foamy and very nicely scented! This and Lasting Scent Candles are my two favorites of all etailer scrubs I have tried.
IOE, SCBB, TBG, Sudsy's, and Sheri's Soap Opera are all a close second.

Now for the scents!
County Fair - All my favorite treats from the County Fair all mingled together for a deliciously luxurious scrub! Sugary Cotton Candy, buttery funnel Cakes, and gooey Caramel apples...
--This smells very yummy, the apple is dominant but I can definitely smell the deep fried dough, powdered sugar and cotton candy as well as the gooey golden caramel. And just look at how its topped! It sparkles like jewelry, its so gorgeous!

Vermont Pecan Pie - Rich maple syrup drizzled over decadent Pecan pie...mmmm!
--Pecans and rich crust, oh yum! This is a very rich treat for the shower!

Autumn Harvest - The Cool scent of falling leaves mingled with warm homemade pumpkin pie...
--Crisp and Clean, maybe just barely smokey, and a bit peppery. I don't smell pumpkin pie, but it definitely smells like fall to me. I really like this one!

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