Sunday, September 25, 2011

Haus of Gloi Autumn reorder
Small Autumn Reorder

I've reviewed Pixie Sorcerer and Olde Cider Haus before, and I really wanted to love Pixie Sorcerer. I had heard mixed reviews on it where most of the folks that got the pumpkin butter, liked it. Knowing that sometimes scents smell differently in different products, I decided to get a small jar and try again. I still get very strong peanut butter on initial application and jar sniff. After some wear I can still smell it, but its not nearly as strong as it was. I cannot smell coffee in this at all. I really need to immerse myself in this scent one evening, I think I'm beginning to like it but still on the fence.

Madcap Garden - A lively blend, pure black tea chilled with peppermint and the tiniest spike of honey*.
--I am sure loving tea scents lately, and this is one of them! So yummy I could drink it! This will go perfectly with my Haunt Lady Grey oil spray and Jojoelle edp of English tea. I'm barely smelling the peppermint note, which was the only thing that worried me as my skin is sensitive to peppermint. Should be fine to use on my legs like I usually do w/scrubs. Not sure I'd wear this scent in perfume, but I think it'll be awesome for a morning shower wake up!

Freebie sample (I requested this one and they obliged!)
Satyr - Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla.
--Definitely blood orange! The dark vanilla mentioned, almost smells chocolatey. I think I'm going to like this when I try it out!

Haus of Gloi never cease to amaze me. You may remember my mention of the missing muslin bags from my prior order? Well, lookie there! :D How awesome is that, they sent them to me!!

Another awesome order, even if I can't yet love Pixie Sorcerer - its not their fault! I am going to try to love it though. One evening soon. :)

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