Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hula Moon: Forty Nine Angels (for HHC)

Hula Moon created Forty Nine Angels for the forty nine people that lost their lives in the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida on June 12th, 2016 in a senseless massacre.

The polish is the first Hula Moon to be released on the HHC platform and 30% of all money collected from its sale is being donated. Hula Moon chose the onePULSE Foundation that was created after the tragedy, whose mission is four pronged. Their goals are to create and support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes, and legacy scholarships that open doors.
The polish release at Hella Handmade Creations (HHC) website is on June 14.

xoxoJen's swatch of Hula Moon: Forty Nine Angels xoxoJen's swatch of Hula Moon: Forty Nine Angels xoxoJen's swatch of Hula Moon: Forty Nine Angels

Forty Nine Angels is a vibrant pink polish with a contrast pigment that pops aqua and small amounts of blurple.
Cap 100
Shown in two coats with Hula Moon's Ricos topcoat and then a Quick dry topcoat. As I painted it on, I could see sparks of blues and purples within the shimmer. As I wore the polish it flashed at me like satin sheets being moved around. Such a beautiful polish whose base morphs light to dark and sometimes even a tad purple-leaning, depending on the lighting.

Please be sure to visit their listing directly to see more swatches under varying light sources - you'll see just how shifty and morphing this polish really is!

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