Monday, April 24, 2023

Polish Pickup: Junk Food

Available at Polish Pickup May 5-8 are some goodies from a variety of brands. I have items from KBShimmer to share with you!

KBShimmer Straight To The Pint Nail Polish - No Cap

There is something soothing about ice cream and frozen desserts. Rich and creamy, cold and sugary, grabbing a pint of chocolate cherry chunk or smooth vanilla can turn a bad night into a good one. For Christy of KBshimmer, she likes a frozen treat blended with sugary bits of sweet and tart. That royal restaurant with the chilly treats used that creamy frozen base to blend up many of our favorite candy bars and desserts. Her favorite is cotton candy inspired. That crisp white base gets mixed with sugary bits, turning it into a flavorful light pink treat, perfect for soothing a sweet tooth.

Straight To The Pint nail polish starts with the palest pink crelly base and is accented with a mix of small and medium glitters in light purple, hot pink, and blue, echoing those sugary bits. Buildable in two to three coats, this crelly polish is a perfect match for your favorite frozen treat! I'm wearing it in two coats with Smooth Moves glitter tamer and Clearly on Top topcoat for a super glossy and smooth surface shine.

KBShimmer Fruity Loops Hand & Body Scrub - No Cap

As a kid, breakfast before going to school could be a treat if you played your cards right. No eggs or oatmeal on a good morning, just colorful cereals filled with sugar and fun mascots. Those bright boxes invited kids to look for a prize or try the maze on the back of the box. Some cereals turned milk into a colorful, sweet drink, ensuring that the bowl was finished to the last drop. One of Christy's favorites was boldly colored, fruit-flavored loops. That blend of citrus fruit, apple, and berry flavors just made the perfect start to the morning.

Fruity Loops Hand & Body Scrub is a nod to that sugar-loaded breakfast food. A sweet and punchy orange scent gives way to notes of juicy ripe berries. A hint of tart tangerine brightens the sugary vanilla note for a perfect blend that is sweet, but not overpowering. Like those colorful loops, this scrub features a rainbow of swirled colors; coupled with a dash of biodegradable glitter on top, this hand and body scrub is sure to be a cheery treat for your skin.

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