Thursday, April 21, 2022

Polish Pickup: National Parks and Landmarks (May 2022)

Available at Polish Pickup May 6-9 are some goodies from a variety of brands. I have items from Great Lakes Lacquer and KBShimmer to share with you!

Great Lakes Lacquer Kitch-iti-kipi
Inspired by the 'Big Spring' in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Nicknamed “Mirror of Heaven'' by ancient Chippewas, this must-see site reflects its surroundings year-round on crystal-clear waters.
A sheer lapis base with a vividly glowing lime green to aqua to cobalt shifting shimmer.
No cap

Lovely formula and such a gorgeous glowy shift! Shown in two coats with topcoat.

KBShimmer Superior Sunset
In the land of 10,000 lakes, it takes something great, superior even, to be called an awe-inspiring landmark. Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota is just that. The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior boasts a stunning shoreline and crystal clear waters that allow you to see 27 or more feet down, making it a must-see, awe-inspiring landmark. Stunning during the day, it can be even more so as evening approaches, when the sun sets and waves on the lake reflect hues of pink, purple, blue and green. That breathtaking sight is the inspiration

A fuchsia-leaning magenta nail polish. This pink shade is amplified by a color-shifting shimmer that shifts through hues of green, blue, aqua, and sometimes hints of indigo. Gleaming bits of reflective glitter catch the light for an amazing sparkle, even in lower light.
No Cap

A shade I frequently wear is magenta, or what I like to call raspberry. I'm really drawn to the shift and reflective sparkle in this one. Shown in two coats with KBShimmer Smooth Moves and Clearly on Top topcoats.

With Flash

KBShimmer Mixed Up Mango Sugar Scrub
A tropical retreat in a jar. Indulge in this lush scrub scented with ripe and slightly floral mango, tart yuzu and juicy lychee berries. A hint of watery cucumber accents the hints of sugary vanilla and coconut cream, for a refreshing scent.

I thoroughly enjoy a fresh juicy mango or anything flavored like mango. I was excited about this when I read the label, and did not disappoint when I opened it. The scent of this scrub is one that I could sniff from the jar for hours. It smells absolutely delicious.

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