Thursday, July 29, 2021

Polish Pickup: August 2021

Polish Pickup's theme for August is The Four Elements. I've got a few items to show you today, these are all launching on August 6-9 for pre-order.

Alter Ego Serpentine Fire
50 cap
Inspired by the song Serpentine Fire, this yellow solar polish morphs to a fiery red orange when in the sun. Shown in two coats with topcoat, lit with a UV light to show the effect for photos.

KBShimmer Lust at Sea
The deep indigo base glistens with a full spectrum shifting shimmer. In bright light tones of gold, green and peach are visible and in low light pinks, coppers and yellows show. Green, aqua, and blue tones appear at some angles. This water-inspired polish is a sister shade to Hidden Potential. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

KBShimmer Farmer's Market sugar scrub
Fragrant clementine, ripe apple, and sweet melon start off this fresh summer scent. Middle notes of blooming lily, freesia, and violet adds fresh florals with musk, amber, and rich vanilla adding depth.

LynB Full Of Hot Air
An indigo based magnetic polish with green to blue to purple shifting magnetic pull, holo micro shimmer, and green to yellow to orange crystal flakies. So in love with this polish! It has an array of shifting colors and visual depth. It almost looks like texture under glass. Shown in three coats magnetized with a bar magnet.

Soapy Chef Four Elements Trinket Dish
cap 65
Inspired by the four elements, each quadrant represents a different element. From the top going clockwise, it is wind (black), fire (red), water (blue), and earth (green). The colors flow together and meet in some places just as the elements do. Each tray is unique since they are handcrafted.

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