Monday, October 19, 2020

1850 Artisan: Comeback Collection

The Comeback Collection debuts on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at the 1850 Artisan website. This collection is packed with a variety of shades and finishes, there's something for everyone here!

A forest jelly base with red-gold shifting shimmer and gold shimmer.
Shown matte in second photo. The red shift appears coppery to my eye and is predominant in most lighting, and then it shifts to green and wowza, look at how vibrant that green is!

Blue Skies Ahead
A subtle blue to teal multichrome with the added sparkle of holographic microflakes and a sprinkling of rose gold-fuchsia-green shifting multichrome flakes.
Shown matte in second photo.

Endless Possibilities
A royal purple jelly base with red-green shifting shimmer and copper shimmer.
Shown matte in second photo and the green shift is shown in the fourth photo.

Happy Accident
A deep indigo jelly packed with linear holographic shimmer. This color grew out of a mistake, so it is a limited edition that will not be restocked.
It looks great worn in one coat over black or white cream as well. Do not sleep on this one, ya'll. It's one of those dark mysterious kind of holos that sneak up and then bam! in the sun there it is!

A raspberry pink-red multichrome base with stunning pink-gold microglitter and gold shimmer.
Shown matte in second photo.

A bronze-leaning burgundy with a multitude of multichrome pink-green-gold and fuchsia pink-gold microflake shimmers.
Shown matte in second photo.

All polishes are shown in two coats with topcoat and all but Happy Accident are shown with a matte topcoat as well. The formula for all of these was good. Persistence was slightly thicker than the other shades but I had no issues applying it. What will you be picking up from this collection?!

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  1. OMG *faints* These are all amazing. Seriously love them :-D


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