Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Le Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché means "the good market", or "the good deal" in French and is a well-known department store in Paris, France. The building is quite beautiful outside as well as inside.

The polish that Dave, of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, created is creamy and delicious looking. It is described as a pastel violet cream with purple and gold flakies. I would say that the shade has a touch of grey to it because it is not the typical purple you see in a pastel color range.

I am not sure where he drew his inspiration so I'm going to guess that it's name has something to do with the store in France. Going with that assumption, the polish seems to represent the subtly colored walls inside the store and the flakies represent the soft lights on them.

Whether the store was his inspiration or not, I love the polish. It's unique in my stash and I've enjoyed wearing it!
I used two coats with topcoat but may have been able to use just one coat had I been more careful applying it - the polish is quite opaque!

xoxoJen's swatch of Octopus Party Le Bon Marche
xoxoJen's swatch of Octopus Party Le Bon Marche
xoxoJen's swatch of Octopus Party Le Bon Marche

This polish is part of a duo that is currently out of stock but will be relaunched on at the Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Etsy shop on Saturday March 14 at noon central time. This color will not be restocked on 3/14, but has changed and will be stocked at a later date.


  1. What a nice color. I love how wearable the polish is.

    1. Thank you and yes! I think this would work for a lot of skin tones!

  2. Hi Jen, it has a unique color combination using opposites on the color wheel. I think that makes it very approachable, if you will, and appealing! <3


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