Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Candy Color stampers and JQ Plates

I saw these Candy Head stampers in a stamping group that I was in and the group order for them fell through. I decided to order direct because I still wanted them.
I bought the stamper heads at AliExpress. For around $10 shipped.

Each of the stamper heads varies in squish factor. None of them are as soft and sticky as my original marshmallow from Ninja Polish though. I've not found any stamper heads that even come close in comparison to it.
I would say that the softest candy head is about the same as the older round XL FUN Lacquer stamper head which has been called a marshmallow head, but it's really not.
In the batch of candy color heads that I received, the red one, the pastel pink and the dark grey one I used are the squishiest and are slightly sticky. The others are a few degrees more firm but still easily squished and slightly sticky.

The JQ plates set, I just stumbled on over at Ebay while looking for a particular image I had seen on some lovely nails! The set included 21 different plates for about $12 so I took a chance and ordered.

I tested out a JQ plate with one of the candy color heads and a Color Club holo. I stamped with the dark grey head that I just stuck into an acetone cap. The plate seems to be etched well and stamps beautifully with the Candy heads and holo polish. It picked up nicely on the first try for each nail. I didn't prime the head at all, just used it right out of the package. I'm impressed with it, what do you think?

xoxoJen's purple holographic roses stamping nail art
xoxoJen's purple holographic roses stamping nail art

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  1. Hi Jen, these stamper heads look so pretty as well as being functional. I like your dramatic stamped mani!

  2. Gorgeous manicure.
    Very interesting stamping heads. Do they preform differently in any way?

    1. Thank you! I find them really easy to use as compared to an original konad or other firm stamper. But amongst the set, I would imagine they are all very similar in use, just that a few are slightly firmer than others. I have only tried out two of the stamper heads and they're both stamping great! These came as a set only when I bought them, now they are available individually.


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