Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dazzled: April Holo Grail Box

I had not ordered any of the indie boxes yet but when I saw the preorder announcement for the April Holo Grail box, I gave in. It consists of four limited edition holo polishes made by four different indie companies. The Dazzled shop is the only place to purchase this particular box. For April it contained polishes from Emily De Molly, Literary Lacquers, NailNation 3000, and Philly Loves Lacquer. The boxes are only available via preorder a month in advance. I ordered the box March 7 and it arrived in late April. The polishes are each very pretty - take a look!

Imperfect Harmony is a periwinkle blue with a subtle linear holo. For holo polish, I prefer darker or more vibrant base colors because the holo pops more than on lighter shades, but I do love periwinkle! The formula was smooth and almost buttery to apply and was opaque in two coats.

Literary Lacquers' Rare Book Room is amazing and my favorite from the box. It's reminiscent of rare leather bound books with gilded edges. Amy has captured it so beautifully with the red leaning brown base color and tiny golden glitters. The holo in this one is very strong and linear, even indoors. It's opaque in two coats and is a dream to apply.

I Love You A Lime is the first Philly Loves Lacquer polish I've tried I am really liking the complexity of this color. There's golden flecks in there that sometimes look darkened along with a subtle holo shimmer and a barely there touch of green. The formula was on the thick side and opaque in two coats.

Lastly is NailNation 3000's Once Bitten, a very juicy berry almost burgundy base color. The holo in this one is medium strength, I'd say; and the purple and pink hues in the holo are quite strong and give the polish a really magical glowy look!
I found the formula a little on the thick side but easy to use. This was opaque in one coat but I used two because I couldn't stop painting with it!

I'm glad you joined me on my first indie box journey and hope you've enjoyed the photos!

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  1. What a nice box! There's some nice colors you got :)

  2. Gorgeous colors and pictures! I was lucky to get the Philly Loves Lacquer from someone and I adore it!

  3. Yay! I have more good swatches of I Love You a Lime!! Thank you!!! <3

  4. I think I love Once Bitten the most. But they are all beautiful!


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