Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enchanted January and Lumina Lacquer Dreamlover

I couldn't blog Enchanted's December without doing January next! Its also a perfect base color for Dreamlover from Lumina Lacquer. And so here they are together!

January 2014 was a mystery polish. Chelsea from Enchanted didn't post any photos or descriptions of this polish before it was for sale. A complete mystery! Pretty fun, yet it left me a little unsure of my purchase! I went for it though and I'm glad I did because this one's really pretty!

Its a dark inky blackened teal. It looks navy blue in most lighting - I actually figured out it was teal when I was putting it on and saw the polish running down the inside of the bottle neck with the light shining through. It definitely has a hint of green in it! And where the holo rainbow's color is green, it looks awesome! I did my best to capture it, but really this is one that needs to be seen in person to get the full effect.

Swatches are one coat with topcoat.

xoxoJen: Enchanted Polish January 2014
xoxoJen: Enchanted Polish January 2014
xoxoJen: Enchanted Polish January 2014
xoxoJen: Enchanted Polish January 2014

I LOVE neon pink matte glitter and this polish fulfills a long time lemming of mine for a neon pink chunky glitter topper (with shapes!) and purple shimmer. Its all that and a bag of chips!

Dreamlover has various sized hex glitters, butterflies, stars and hearts! It might contain other shapes that I haven't pulled out of the bottle yet. Having surprise shapes on the brush is one of the things I love about polishes like this!

This glitter topper is absolutely packed to the brim with glitter and shimmer - I didn't fish at all, in fact I had to put some glitter shapes back in the bottle!
The shimmer. Oh man, the purple shimmer in this polish steals my heart! Just look at it. Isn't it amazing and beautiful? I was able to get a really good macro of the shimmer, a butterfly and a heart - take a look!

Swatches are one coat over EP Jan 2014 with Gelous and topcoat to smooth.

xoxoJen: Lumina Lacquer Dreamlover
xoxoJen: Lumina Lacquer Dreamlover
xoxoJen: Lumina Lacquer Dreamlover

What is your long time lemming that just doesn't seem to exist?

Editing in to add: A reader just informed me that Dreamlover is similar to Enchanted Polish's Life in Plastic. I did some google image searching and from what I see they are similar except that Dreamlover has a few more shapes; butterflies, hearts, stars, hexes and squares, where Life in Plastic has hexes, squares and stars. So if you have been wanting the EP this would make a great alternative! Especially if you love more variety in glitter shapes!

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  1. Gorgeous shade and that pink glitter on top looks amazing with it! Would have never thought of pairing those two together :)

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I was a little unsure of the pairing at first but once it was on a nail, I went with it and love it!


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