Monday, February 3, 2014

Coming soon from Dazzled: Holo Grail Box


The first all holographic polish monthly subscription box that will be distributed by DAZZLED.
Price: HKD465/ appx. USD59.6 (shipping not included)
Brands: Aly’s Dream Polish, Emily de Molly, Foxy Paws Polish, Lilypad Lacquer, Literary
Lacquers, NailNation3000, Philly Loves Lacquer, Too Fancy Lacquer
Launch Date: 1st February
Purchase here:

Each box will contain 4 polishes, Too Fancy Lacquer is the core brand of the box with 3 other brands rotating.

Each month we will open the first two weeks for preorder, and you will receive the box the month you purchased for. 4 polishes will be included in each box with Too Fancy Lacquer being the core brand and 3 other brands will be rotating between the other 7 brands. All polishes for The Holo Grail box will be made exclusively for us and you won't be able to purchase them afterwards.

Theme of the box will be announced the time we open for preorders. Shades will remain a mystery until you receive the box, however you will see a photo collage of inspirations from the brands so you will have an idea what they might be!

Starting from May you will have a chance to decide the theme of The Holo Grail box! We are now open for suggestions for the theme of May, in the end we will decide which theme to use, but if your suggestion was picked you get a free box of that month!

March box
Meet The Makers Part I
Aly's Dream Polish
Foxy Paws Polish
Lilypad Lacquer
Too Fancy Lacquer

April box
Meet The Makers Part II
Emily de Molly
Literary Lacquers
Philly Loves Lacquer

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