Thursday, January 30, 2014

Serum No. 5: Poppy Fields

So, I really love it when I can get three very different looks from one topper type polish. Its like having three polishes for the price of one! And with this one, I really think it can go beyond the three colors I tried layering it with!

So here's how I did it!

First I put on a couple coats of my favorite white, Revlon Powder Puff, and then topped it with Serum No. 5's Poppy Fields, a red jelly based glitter topper. The result is a really pretty feminine pink tinted base color with beautiful red hex and gold circle glitters for an extra pop of girly sparkle! The application was smooth and easy, plenty of glitter for my liking with just one coat.

In this next set of photos I applied a couple of coats of one of my go to reds, Sinful Colors Bleeding Heart. Its a super squishy looking red, applies like a jelly but is opaque in just two coats. Its very forgiving and self levels, its pretty awesome. It was a limited color, but I believe it was just a re-label of Go Go Girl which is in their core line up.

After that I topped it with two coats of Poppy Fields for a vibrant red jelly look! Something a vintage pin-up gal might wear for that extra sparkle!

And the last look, which I really love, is Poppy Fields shown over Chanel Taboo. The red tint in the topper makes the Chanel appear nearly black, but not quite! A very sexy look for the Diva in all of us!

I had a lot of fun playing with layering this polish, and I keep thinking of other colors to try it over. Then in my head popped an image of how it might look done over a white/red/black gradient base! Could you imagine?! I would love to hear your combo ideas or see your photos (feel free to post on my facebook wall!) if you have Poppy Fields or pick it up sometime!

Poppy fields will be available at Serum No.5's shop today, January 30 at 7pm Central, and you can follow the brand for updates at their facebook page.


  1. Very pretty red/pink glitters!

  2. I love how this looks over black, stunning polish

    1. Chanel Tabbo is actually a purple polish, but I can see how it might look black on some monitors. Thank you for the comment!


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