Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Fashionably Late

Vivid Lacquer's upcoming launch for the Fashionably Late set and two new Theoreticals is tomorrow and its huge and they're all gorgeous polishes! They all left me quite speechless so I took photos of the WHOLE release, plus a bonus sneak peek.
So.... you'll forgive me that this post isn't heavily wordy, is fashionably late, and that I'm theoretically running on less than fumes, right? right?!

They do say a picture is worth a thousand words...So..here are a bit over 50,000 of them! :)

Let's start with two new additions to the Theoretical line!
Theoretically Pleased - two coats over white

Matte top coat added:

Theoretical Sunshine - three coats alone

Matte top coat and stamped with Vivid Lacquer plate VL001 - I swatched these with grass like I did the spring line, but I chose black cause its time to start thinking about the holidays, amirite?

Cotton Candy Overdose - one coat over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, a perfect match! Yummy huge glitters!

Fairy Wasted - three coats alone
This one surprised me, it looks more purple in the bottle but quite brown on the nail and so much depth!

Make a Spot Check - two coats over Wicked Cheshire
Loving the big chunky dots!

Mega Slut - three coats alone
A super fantastic hot pink jam packed with micro glitters, love it!

Perversion of a Butterfly - one coat over Sinful Colors Candy Coated
One of my favorites from this collection, and rightly so. Who loves purple and butterflies? This gal!

S.L.U.G. Queen Sadie - four coats alone
Another surprising polish! It has a lot of depth and I'm really loving the teeny glitter and shimmers in this! There's blue in there!

Shattered Oasis - one coat over Sinful Colors Most Sinful
Super vibrant, royal blue - one of my new favorite polish colors and just look at that teeny shimmer and microglitter in it!

Dragon Fetish - four coats alone
This - this one is my favorite! Yup, I'm choosing a red this time, can you believe it? Its because it has the most gorgeous shimmer in it that shifts! I did my best to catch it and the last photo is a small side by side to help demonstrate the green to purple shimmer effect. I think I saw a subtle blue in it too!

Shattered Oasis over Dragon Fetish
Just when you thought Dragon Fetish was pretty awesome on its own, here I've topped it with Shattered Oasis and well, just LOOK at it! Pretty amazing!

Talking With My Hands - three coats alone
Coming over to the lighter more whimsical side of things, this super femme pink is full of pretty shimmer!

Royally Screwed - two coats over Talking With My Hands
Yummy turquoise and purple glitter bomb!

Welcome To Rapture - two coats over OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
I wanted to portray this polish as closely as I could to how it looks in the bottle, but it makes a really pretty one coat topper as well.

Wicked Cheshire - four coats alone
This is the sneak peek I promised and you've already seen it once waaaay up there covered in dots! Super pretty purple packed with holographic shimmer! I think I'm in love!
Launch date on this one is yet to be announced - so be sure to like and follow the Vivid Lacquer Facebook page for updates!

All the polishes you see here, except Wicked Cheshire, are launching tomorrow 2pm Pacific at the Vivid Lacquer Etsy Shop.

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  1. These are so beautiful!!! :D

  2. I love them all but Make A Spot Check? I neeeed that one!

    1. Oh yes! I love that one, those dots are more holo than what is captured there. So pretty!

  3. Love all the swatches!!! I love theoretical sunshine and cotten candy overdose!! :)

    1. Isn't sunshine a fun one? I think it will be perfect for Halloween / Thanksgiving!


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