Monday, August 12, 2013

KKcenterHK: Products Review

I was recently contacted by offering to send some product samples to me in exchange for a review and use of my photos on their web page.
Their shop is well laid out and easy to navigate and they stock a variety of products from eyelashes to clothing.
They let me choose a few items from anything in their shop, so I chose a scented and slightly purple tinted base coat that came in a beautiful bottle, and a coppery glitter top coat.

The Best Sense base coat is scented lavender and while I didn't notice it while applying, it smelled great after it dried! The consistency of this base coat is thin so it easily glides onto the nail. I learned that with this one, it created tiny bubbles. So I played with it and figured out that I need to swipe only once and use only one coat. The base coat is clear on the nail, but I like that it looks purple in the bottle. :)

Next, I painted my nails with Loreal's Not a Cloud in Sight, a great color to go with the Ouqian glitter topper, B076. edit in: I just learned that this glitter topper is no longer in stock. Sorry guys. =/
The glitter topper has a very strong scent until its completely dry, it doesn't bother me but I thought I should mention it. The glitter in this polish is very sparkly and the stars are holographic! I don't think I have ever seen holo copper stars before! I wore one coat "dabrushed" on for even coverage.

The products arrived quickly for how far they had to travel to get to me and they were both securely wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap, then packed inside a mailer envelope. The staff was friendly throughout and at first very communicative with me but once I had the entry ready, I had to wait a while and follow up twice for a reply for the discount code.

You can use this code xoxojen for 10% off at their store: it will expire in January 2014. Have a look at their shop and let me know what you think!

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