Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Polish Bar Summer Part 1

Products provided for review.

The Polish Bar's Summer collection features eight different polishes; three of them make up the Flower Power Trio and one is a Limited Edition which I've chosen to share in this part one entry. All of these have chunky shaped glitter and so I tried a few different methods of application so I could share with you which worked best. I have to say after trying some different methods, each one could have been applied in any manner of ways that I tried and it would have worked out well for them all. I don't know what Janice is doing to get those huge glitters jumping up on my brush, but I sure LOVE it! Nearly effortless, who wouldn't love that!

I've used the shop's description for each polish, its in italics for quick identifying and the name of the polish is bolded too. :)

Flower Power: Flower Power is like a floral explosion on the nail! It features all matte glitters. It has fine yellow, hot pink, and aqua glitters, winter white hex glitters and yellow, lavender, aqua, hot pink and pastel pink flowers in a clear base.

I did a kind of dab and brush combination for this one so I could move those big pieces around. I ended up with about two coats of the topper over Wet N Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint. I just love all the different pastel colored flowers in this polish, it makes me feel all girly and femme! Super pretty don't ya think?

Secret Garden: Secret Garden also features all matte glitters. It has fine and medium-sized yellow, pastel blue, pastel green and purple hex glitters, plus yellow flowers in a clear base.

For this one, I just brushed it on like I would with any other polish. The photos show two coats of Secret Garden over Butter London Fiver. While I was painting it on, I imagined how versatile this polish is - it would be awesome over just about any shade of blue or green and what about hot pink or some neons? How about a forest green for a more fallish look? I digress, have a look at the yellow blooms on my nails!

Cherry Blossom: Cherry Blossom has various white matte hex glitters, dark brown metallic hex glitters, and pastel pink and hot pink

Ok this polish made me want to eat my nails! It so reminds me of those Cherry Mash candy bars and it made me crave one. I tried the dabbing method with this one, and it worked really well too! I did it twice so its two coats worn over Butter London Fruit Machine. I love the combination of pink and brown and dang, I'm thinking about that Cherry Mash again! I actually got up from writing this blog entry and left to go find one! Four stores later, I returned empty handed and drooled over their webpage instead. I so need to find one, but until then I'll enjoy my Cherry Blossom glitter topper! :)

Independence Day 2013: Independence Day 2013 is a limited-edition July 4th polish. It features fine holographic red glitters, holographic blue hex glitters, white hex glitters, small and large red circle glitters, large blue circle glitters, plus tiny white and silver stars in a shimmery, dark blue jelly base. This polish can be layered on its own to be opaque in three coats or can be layered over a base color.

I chose to layer this over Sinful Colors Most Sinful from the Shine collection and woo boy is Independence Day 2013 GORGEOUS!! My favorite kinds of polishes are jellies, chunky glitters, holos, and shaped glitter and this is packed full of all of those! When I unwrapped the bottle and saw it, I knew immediately it would be one of my favorites! The swatch shows only one coat of the glitter topper - yep just one! I did not dig, double dip or arrange anything for this swatch. We swears, its that precious! I'm a dork, don't mind me....on to the pretty!!

The Polish Bar's summer collection launches June 10th and will be available at their Etsy shop. Their shop is in vacation mode while they prepare for the launch but you can stalk follow them on facebook for updates!


  1. adorables!! i love the color combo on that first one!

    1. Aren't they though? I just love the flower shapes in those!

  2. All these glitter look fun and girly! Love the fun shapes they have :)

  3. I love all of these, they are SO pretty!


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