Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Polish Bar: Summer (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of The Polish Bar's Summer collection review. If you missed the first part, head back and see, they're lovely! This entry consists of the remaining four, all of them are stunning and made up of bright beautiful colors. Application for all of these was a combo of dabbing and brushing, it seems to work best to help move some of the larger glitter pieces around the nail.

I've used the shop's description for each polish, its in italics for quick identifying and the name of the polish is bolded too. :)

Together Forever: Together Forever has a variety of black and white matte glitters, neon blue and neon green matte glitters plus neon green stars in a clear base. This looks great layered over many different base colors.

One word: LOVE!
Seriously, this polish is just absolutely gorgeous with the neon lime, blue and black and white. I almost put it over purple then spotted Pink Voltage from China Glaze and knew instantly that had to be the undie! One coat dabbed and brushed was just right! Totally a summer stunner!

I happened to have a blue polish on my thumbnail so I shot this photo because I think it really draws out the blue glitter in Together Forever.

Beach Party: Beach Party is such a fun summer polish! It has various sizes of white matte hex glitters, white micro slices and squares, various sizes of pastel matte hex glitters, various sizes of matte neon pink hex glitters, plus a dash of neon orange micro slices, all in a sparkling, sheer white base. This polish can be layered on its own to be opaque in three coats or can be layered over a base color.

Snowman in summer at a beach party?! That is what this polish brings me to envision and I quite like it! Cause what could be better than making your own icy snow cone from a snowman at the party?
I wore two coats dabbed and brushed over Sally Hansen Whirlwind white. I really need to come up with one word that describes my dab brush method well. Any ideas? ^.^

Girls Rule: Girls Rule features a variety of white matte hex glitters and many different sizes and colors of metallic circle glitters in a sparkling, sheer white base. This polish can be layered on its own to be opaque in three coats or can be layered over a base color.

Such a happy polish! It reminds me of a bowl fruit loops or trix cereal from when I was a kid and it makes me grin. I really should get a box or two of those!
I wore two coats (dabrushed? hmmm that might work!) dabbed and brushed over Sally Hansen Whirlwind white.

Summer of Love: I love purple polishes and wanted to create a super-fun polish packed with purple glitters! This one features more than ten different types of purple glitters, including neon purple hex glitters, iridescent glitters, and lavender flowers and hearts in a shimmery, clear base.

As always, I've saved my very favorite for last. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with Summer of Love.
It totally takes away the sad I had earlier about breaking off the corner of my index nail today! You all know about my passion for purple and I've probably mentioned before how much I love chunky glitters, different shapes and a gradation of sizes; and this polish has it all! It even has iridescent glitter in it! Summer of Love is a polish that makes ya say unf unf and wiggle a little while applying it or looking at it!
I wore one coat "dabrushed" over Lime Crime Lavendairy which complements the glitters quite well. I really really don't want to take this off!

The Polish Bar's summer collection launches June 10th at 5pm CDT and will be available at their Etsy shop. Their shop is in vacation mode while they prepare for the launch but you can stalk follow them on facebook for updates!


  1. All of them scream summer, they're just lovely!

  2. There all so pretty! Love it :)

  3. Summer of Love is on my list to get now!

    1. :D Yay! I'm still wearing it! Just cannot take off the pretty! lol

  4. I really love your combo on the first one--pretty :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! And yes, omg. lol That pesky lil booger is difficult enough to keep it shaped! Luckily, this is the first time this year that it has broken and it was totally my fault - my nails were naked and my finger slipped on a button I was trying to press. It will grow back though!

  6. I can't keep my nails totally naked (people would be scared!), but I do find the index nail to be the most breakable for some reason :/

    1. I like to keep mine painted, I just happened to be in between swatches, and I posted a photo over on my facebook page of the nakedness if you want to see it! There is a link at the top of the sidebar.
      And yes the index definitely does seem to more apt to break!

  7. These are all gorgeous! Great swatches as usual:)

    1. Thank you so much Essie! I love seeing your comments here. :)

  8. Lovin the last two. Great swatches

    1. I just had to scroll up and look at those again. -wistful sigh- Is it bad that I love staring at them so much?

      Summer of Love is my favorite of these - love all the shapes and omg purple!


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