Friday, May 3, 2013

Indie Polish

Products provided for review.

The Indie Polish shop opened in October, is based in Canada and ships worldwide. Tanya asked if I would choose some polishes to review so I chose two and she sent four! And they are all full sized! Now if that doesn't show she takes pride in her product, I don't know what does. The polishes arrived packed snugly in a cute box.
Let's have a look!

Tanya describes all of these really well, so I'm going to use her descriptions for each.

"I ADORE ORANGE and you just don't see it enough! This is Sun Kissed Peach
It's a beautiful blend of tangerine pop mica with tiny gold holo glitter! Perfect to brighten up a cold day or on your next world wide trip to the tropics!"

I wore three coats over Sinful Colors Cloud 9. The polish was easy to apply and there was plenty of the glitter on the nail with each swipe of the brush.

"Joni is a blend of Blue Mica and equally blue's STUNNING"

I wore three coats on its own, and while I can see vnl in the photos, I didn't see it in person. Its a really beautifully sparkly polish!

"KAboom (named by my son) is a unique polish in that it looks totally different depending on the light....sometimes it looks more purple and sometimes more fuschia. It is a mix of fuschia and plum micro fine glitters in our clear suspending base. WE LOVE IT! and hope you will too!"

I've saved my two favorites for last, and this is one of them! Its jam packed with glitter and super sparkly! I wore this over Sinful Shine's Most Sinful and stamped the accent nail with plate vl001 from Vivid Lacquer.

I added Hard Candy matte top coat and its just as stunning this way!

In my haste, I grabbed the wrong bottle for this photo, but that leads us to the next polish!

"Adoptable is a neat sheerer wine red (yes I know it looks purple) it's a deep, regal merlot red...with AMAZING electric blue glitter. This polish can easily be worn over an existing polish or built up to an opaque polish."

I used several coats (more than five) to reach opacity, as I wanted to keep this polish true to how it looks in the bottle. Its a super glossy jelly with very sparkly glitter. And, there is one bottle left at the sale price right now as I write this post entry!

Each polish was smooth and easy to apply, has cute handwritten labels and are made with love and care. Tanya's son often helps her design and name the polishes too!

Their polish is made in very small hand mixed batches (1 or 2 bottles of each size per color) using a 3-free base that is cruelty-free. They use pigments, micas and glitters locally sourced thru reputable suppliers and other etsy shops.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Indie Polish shop or visit and like their facebook page to see what's new!


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    1. oh me too! I chose the blue undie because I liked the color combo of adoptable so much - worn this way its kind of an opposite to adoptable and would look pretty cool worn as an accent or alternating w/adoptable, don't ya think?

  2. I absolutely need Adoptable ! Sooo pretty !!

    1. Its even more gorgeous in person, I use a little point and shoot camera and it just doesn't quite capture the beauty.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it though? I love blue and this one is exceptional!

  4. Thank you SO SO MUCH! and have no fear...Adoptable will be available in our new bottles soon! (it's a keeper for life) <3 Indiepolish!
    (this is our blog account under our other shop name)

    1. You're absolutely welcome, Tanya! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. WOW!!! These are beautiful!


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