Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guest Post: Lori from Things I Heart, Part 1

     First off, I'd like to introduce myself!  I'm Lori C. from Things I Heart, a very new blog that I started to showcase all those... things I love!  When Jen asked me to do a guest post, I got very excited, then very nervous!  She is such a wonderful blogger and lady that I'm just a tad intimidated :-D  I had alot in mind at what I wanted to do and came up with the idea of a 3 part story!  So, here goes!

     There is this wonderful place.  A place where you can buy/sell/trade Lush products, MoonaLisa, Haunt, nail polish and many, many other things.  This is a place we call "The Blue".  I joined a couple years ago to offload the unwanted bath and body items and/or buy other HTF items.  I only really ventured into the "Swap" area in the beginning.  Then, one fateful day, I went into a different section and saw a link about nail polish.  I clicked on it, thinking it'd only be the polish I was used to seeing at salons.  Was I in for a surprise!!!  That was a year ago and I am still just as excited to stalk a sought after brand and get new nail mail!

   In my journey of learning about nail polish, I met some very awesome ladies and am still meeting awesome ladies!  These ladies have been so helpful to me, a girl that used to have someone else do my manis.  Jen was the first one to PM me and offer help.  I knew nothing!  Not only have we shared nail polish, but things in our own lives.  A little family of crazy polished lacquer heads!!

     I wanna show two blue polishes that I received as gifts from two ladies I met on "The Blue".  These polishes were frankened by the ladies and aren't for sale anywhere.

      The first polish was made by an awesome lady that is super talented, but makes polishes just for fun :-)  This is a polish she named "Love Bot Wife".  It's a gorgeous blue that has amazing micro shimmers in blue and silver.  The blue shimmers will turn a little bit darker blue to a light tealish green.  There are also silver hexes and silver squares in there.  I adore this polish!  It is the perfect amount of glitters.  I'm going to have to use the mini sparingly.  It was also a dream to apply.  This mani is a basecoat of Glisten and Glow Stuck on Blu!, two coats of Elevation Alphubel, one coat of Love Bot Wife, a coat of Gelous then a topcoat of Glisten and Glow HKG.

     Next up, is a gorgeous franken made by another lady on "The Blue"!  This polish, that is named "Fade to Winter", is a beautiful light blue, maybe periwinkle cream with the perfect mix of tealish green micro glitters, some silver glitters and some dark purple micro glitter.  I also layered this over two coats of Elevations Alphubel (better match as an undie with this polish), then two coats of Fade to Winter, a coat of Gelous then a coat of G&G HKG topcoat.  Application was perfection as well :-)

Thank you for letting me share my "The Blue" inspired post!



Thank you so much for being a guest at my blog! I loved reminiscing while reading the story - it made me smile from ear to ear! It saddens me to see The Blue come to an end, but we'll definitely stay in touch!

Lori has a beautiful blog and recently reviewed one of the new RBL polishes!
Let's show her some love by visiting, shall we? -------------> Things I <3


  1. How pretty! I really like Fade to Winter in particular.

    Lori you have GORGEOUS nail beds, by the way.

    1. Thank you Anni!! Thank you for the compliment :-) I used to bite my nails horribly and never thought I'd get compliments on my nails <3

  2. Great post Lori! <3

    On to parts 2 and 3 and I'm excited to check out your blog! Looks like the blue can be saved.



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