Friday, May 10, 2013

Guest Post: Lori from Things I Heart, Part 2

-     Hi again!!  I have the second part of my story I put together for my guest post here on xoxoJen!

     So, we all know Jen takes amazing photos of nail polish!  When I first started reading about nail polish on "The Blue", Jen would always post links to gorgeous polish and keep us up to date on stockings.  The first time I experienced her posting a link, I replied "Damn You Jen!"  She replied with "You're welcome!"  Apparently, this wasn't the first time it was said to Jen regarding her "evil enabling".   "Damn You Jen" became a phrase used often and I wanted to do a manicure that focused on that phrase...

I started with two coats of Illamasqua Loella and topped that with one coat of Enchanteds Castle on a Cloud.  Both polishes applied so easily!!  I love how the Enchanted added a bit of spunk to Loella.  These photos are without topcoat.

So, I then added my little "Damn You Jen" part.

I decided to buy some stickers from  This was a perfect opportunity to buy them to try.  They are super easier to apply than I thought.  I did have to redo my pointer finger because I tried to apply the stickers with my fingers, but tweezers are the way to go!  I just added these stickers and put on a coat of Gelous then my HG topcoat, HKG!  This was really so much fun to do!!!

Oh my gosh! That is the cutest mani I have ever seen Lori!! I'm so touched! -sniffle-
You guys have got to go visit and follow her blog now, look how sweet she is!


  1. You are too sweet Jen!!! I really loved doing this mani for you! And again, I forgot to publish my announcement on my blog!

  2. Lori's manis always rock! And the "Damn You Jen" part is perfect! :) I've enjoyed all 3 of Lori's guest posts! <3


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