Monday, March 11, 2013


Do you remember Underoos from the 1980s?
I had a few when I was wee kiddo. Wonder Woman and R2D2 were my favorites. I wore them to sleep all the time; I even have an old a photo of me in my WW ones at my baby sitter's house!

So today I have a few polish underoos that I've worn under various glitter topcoats in recent reviews that I've done.

This is one of the two polishes in the Hot Topic duo set that had the Deborah Lippman dupe in it. Neither one had names, but isn't it a pretty shade of perwinkle?

This was worn underneath a PR Sample from Whimsical Ideas by Pam

Nanacoco's Irrestible Charm is a stunning one coater with a foil-like finish.

It was the perfect underoo color for a PR Sample from Pam.

Revlon Gumdrops is a polish I've had for at least a year, probably more. I had never worn it, so I chose it to go under a PR Sample from Pam.

And last today is my beloved Revlon Hazy. The perfect shade of grey for lots of glitter toppers!

What is your favorite underoo?

Products provided for review.


  1. Pretty pretty polishes! I love Hazy, it is one of my favorites. That red is stunning!

    1. inorite? Its like the perfect shade of grey! And omg, the Irrestible Charm? I couldn't capture its beauty - its got a very rich color/depth to it. I was shocked cause its a foil. xD

  2. Revlon Hazy or Wet & Wild 484A (Black Creme I think is the name, but the number is on the top).

    W&W is super easy, one coat perfection and costs all of $0.99. I've been known to stock up. As in buy 10 bottles at once. Because I KNOW they're gonna screw with the perfection that it is and I'll never find it again. I have polish thinner, so I'm stocking up on perfection. I'm quite sure I need 38 bottles of it. I think I need more actually.

    1. Lol, that seems to be the way of the polish world doesn't it? I've got several wnw black cremes myself!


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