Saturday, March 16, 2013

Urban Lacquer: Spring Collection 2013

Urban Lacquer's Springtime collection is a fun one, you'll see what I mean when you see their names!

So, lets start with this perfect egg yolk yellow called Cluckery - appropriate I think! You may or may not know that I don't like yellow or gold polish, but this one is an exception. Its packed with tiny shimmery flakes and at 3 coats is completely opaque. With careful application, you might get away with two coats. It went on like butter, as with all Urban Lacquer's polishes and it dried smooth. I've topped it with one coat of top coat in these photos.

Next is the perfect mint green, Motherminter. See what I mean about these names!? lol Anywho, this polish is also packed with pretty shimmer, went on easily and is opaque at two coats. Its also topped with one coat of topcoat for a smooth shiny finish.

What could be better than Cluckery and Motherminter? Glitter topped Cluckery and Motherminter!
The first glitter topper is Out Like a Lamb which has blue, purple, gold holo and tons of micro sized glitter in it. One coat shows the glitter payoff. Indoors but even moreso in the sun, this was such a sparkle bomb!

And I've saved my very favorite of this collection for last. This beauty is called Petallica and is worn over Motherminter. Is this what happens when you glitterfy roses while listening to music? If it is, I need to send Brenda some itunes or something! Can you believe this is also only one coat? -starry eyes-

I'm not sure if she has named the collection yet, but I think @!#?@! would be a good name for it!
(if you're an old school gamer, guess where @!#?@!'s from - no googling!)

Urban Lacquer's Spring Collection will be available for purchase on March 16, at 3pm CST at the Urban Lacquer Etsy Shop. You can also follow the brand on Facebook.

Products provided for review.


  1. XD Q-Bert ! No Googling. ^_^

    Love Petallica !

    1. Yay Sar you got it!! And yes omg, its so pretty!

  2. Really cute polishes. I love the yellow and the glitters.

  3. Wow! The green and the glitter ones look amazing!!
    New follower here, check out my blog too if you like :)

  4. Really cute polishes and great swatches! :)


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