Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whimsical Valentine

Last night, Pam released her Valentine's collection for her line Whimsical Ideas by Pam.

First is Eloise, a pink and white matte glitter in a clear base with huge black circle glitter.

I wore two coats over Revlon Hazy

I go ga ga for pink and grey combos and this one is such a pretty glitter topper! Feminine yet edgy at the same time. I didn't have to dig around or fish for those big circles at all. What you see is what I got painting as I usually do with any polish.

Next is In the Whole Wide World, a very delicate topper with satin pink hearts, mint hexes, and iridescent shimmer.

I wore two coats over Revlon Gum Drop

A very pale lavender polish. I think they go well together! I wanted to do a grey jelly sammich with it but Pam's idea was for it to look like an old fashioned Victorian valentine; so instead of the grey I chose a soft feminine color. I think this would look pretty rockin over a dark color too, like black, navy or dark purple and of course, grey.

Not only did Pam's nephew name this next polish but he also created a label for it. I urged Pam to use his label and eventually persuaded her to do a limited run with them. She sent me label #2 which was really sweet! My bottle also has the regular label on the back of it! We put it on there for the bottle shot line up since the special labels were limited.

I wore 2 coats of Sparkly Markaly (look at those circle glitters!!) over 1 coat of Nanacoco's Irresistible Charm

Persian Violets has to be one of my favorites in this line up, any guesses why?
Purple of course! The glitter is pretty dense in this one and includes three different shades and shapes of purple glitter as well as a subtle shimmer.

I wore two coats of Persian Violets over a mini polish I picked up at Hot Topic a few years ago, it doesn't have a name on it though.

I got several compliments on Persian Violets from several coworkers and random strangers!

Falingo contains a lot of pink and white satin glitter and sort of corally pink matte glitters in different shapes.

I wore three coats over Revlon Powder Puff. Falingo was a little difficult to photograph but its really a very pretty polish in person. Pam told me that her sister used to call flamingos falingos, so it's a little inside joke that she's now shared with the rest of the world!

And one more bonus photo because I love pink and grey together:

You can order your Whimsies by sending an email to Pam at and be sure to stop by her facebook page over the next week or so for more customer swatches and to view her whole line.

Products provided for review.


  1. These are so much fun! I am loving Eloise and Persian Violets! So girly and pretty! :)

    1. They are! I love all the variety in shapes and styles with this set!

  2. they are all so beautiful! you did a fantastic job showing them off, as always!


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