Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: The Evil Collection of Evil

Anni at Vivid Lacquer is quite the fan of Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog so it just made sense that her Valentine collection was inspired by it. I was so excited she asked me to review it, and when the polishes arrived I was wowed. They are creatively unique, beautiful, and consistently have great formulas. The color range is so varied that there is something here for everyone. Plus, her jellies are perfection!

A Real, Audible Connection is a multicolored heart glitter polish in a clear base. I wore two coats over Revlon Hazy. The heart glitter leapt up on the brush with every dip, no fishing!

I didn't do any special placement here - the hearts fell where they wanted to.

I like that circle of hearts on my middle finger - crazy random happenstance perhaps?

You Are NOT My Nemesis has a clear base with turquoise diamond and hex glitter, white satin flakes and hexes and tiny blue sparks of shimmer. I wore two coats over OPI's What's With The Cattitude? I like how delicate it looks, yet still edgy when layered over a light colored base.

Look at the teeny blue shimmahz!

This squishy pink jelly is named We Do The Weird Stuff. Its packed with glitters in beautiful colors; sapphire blue hex, gold circles, red hex and some black hex. The vibrant pink tint of the jelly really makes those sapphire blue glitters pop! I wore two coats over WnW Through The Grapevine and it was a very close color match.

Just look how glowy the blue glitters look!

Crazy Random Happenstance looks like orange juice on the nail! So squishy and juicy, that I had to have a glass of OJ afterward! The polish contains shreds in many colors and they all laid fairly flat on my nail. I used three coats over OPI's Don't Pretzel My Buttons and topped it with a coat of Seche Vite. To show all the different colors and to try and capture just how juicy this polish is, I took several photos at different angles.

It even has black shreds! -squish-

A Shiny New Australia really caught my eye with its vibrant lime base and kelly green circle glitters. It also has a ton of shimmer, small lime green hexes and perhaps some flakies in the mix!
If my name were to appear in neon lights somewhere, I'd want it to be this shade of green. I used two coats of SNA over WnW Fergie's Glowstick.

Shimmah! Shimmah!

Layered Like Pie is one of few indie glitter polishes I've seen that use a neutral base color with glitter. I am liking these shades so much that I've been building my stash with nude colored polishes to use as undies for them! Although, this one didn't need any, this is three coats on its own. Its opaque in two, but for some reason the sides of my nails always end up with thinner coats than what is in the middle of the nail. (totally my own issue, not the polish's) So I added one more coat to even it out. Red, blue and brown glitters mix to make what looks like a berry pie. Want a bite?

Evil League of Evil is the other polish in this collection that got my attention as soon as I saw the bottle because its purple, of course. Its not just any purple though, look closely and you'll see that it is made up of teeeeeeeny tiny purple particles which, I think, is what gives most of its color. Square glitters in sapphire blue, purple and black are sprinkled in along with fiery sparkly micro glitter. What a beautifully unique color! And the name, I love it! I wore three coats of this one all on its own.

It has quite a bit of depth and looks different shades at different angles!

The Evil Collection of Evil set will be available January 18th at 2pm PST / 3pm MST / 4pm CST / 5pm EST at the Vivid Lacquer Etsy shop.

And lastly, she was kind enough to send a photo of a plate in progress. She is quite a tease, but I like what I see so far!

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  1. I love the hearts polish! Definitely a fun look for valentines coming up! x

  2. The Evil League of Evil is gorgeous, and I love how Anni has such a variety of colors in this collection - beautiful!


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