Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Urban Lacquer: Love Triangle

Urban Lacquer's Valentine's Day collection is quite a clever creation. Brenda kept it a secret from me until I unboxed the polish. Little did I know it'd be this steamy! It's not the typical hearts and flowers set, no sireee!

The Love Triangle

The set is comprised of three polishes, The Husband, The Wife, and -gasp!- The Mistress. Oooooo...

The Husband is a handsome feller, don't ya think?

Deep rich mahogany hair...

Sparkling blue eyes.. -wistful sigh-

The Wife is quite refined.

She sips deep raspberry colored wine that's almost jelly-like and shimmers in the moonlight...

Little does The Wife know that The Husband has a secret...

Oh yes, this is The Mistress atop the Husband! -gasp!-

So playful together, enjoying every moment of it!

Does anyone dare tell The Wife about this?

...or would The Wife care?

It appears that The Wife has a Mistress too!! -shock!-

She wears a seductive laced up corset with hearts on the front!

The Mistress is a sexy woman, sparkling in all the right ways. Her eyes are bewitchingly holographic, hair like silk, gold and silver jewels adorning her pink and red lingerie. Who dares resist her?

How do we choose? Or do we tell? We have until Thursday to decide!

If you missed out on Brilieve, now is your chance to get a bottle! 25 bottles of Brilieve will be stocked along with the V-day launch tomorrow.

The Valentine's Day collection will be available Thursday, January 24th, at 8pm CST.
If you purchase the set of three, you'll receive a small jar of pink and red holographic hearts for your nails! (examples in above photos on accent nail)
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