Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thank you Vivid Lacquer!

Seeing the above image might be disappointing to some, but not anymore! Vivid Lacquer has given that sad message a new meaning, a really pretty one!

I recently ordered a stamping plate (ee! playtime in my future!) and Anni offered to send a blog sample of polish to me for review. I said sure! But I had no idea which polish she would be sending - it was a surprise. I stalked my mailbox for the package and ripped it open as soon as it arrived! I was so happy to see the little bottle of pinkish purplish sparkly goodness! And what's this? Black hexes too!? And teensy holographic shimmers?! Awesome!

I wore one coat of Your Princess is in Another Castle over one coat of Naturistics Celebrity, which I've had at least since Mario launched if not before. I think they pair perfectly together! The glittery polish could also be worn over purple, hot pink, or even black. The glitter is so dense that I think the black hexes would still show over a black base. Application was smooth as silk.

A big thank you to Anni for sending the sample polish to me! I look forward to working with you on upcoming collections!

She has a lot of game themed polishes which are all very pretty. Get your sparkly goodness at the Vivid Lacquer Etsy Shop!


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