Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYE Matching Manis!

I'm in a few facebook groups for nail polish and just recently saw a gorgeous ruffian style glitter mani done by Christine. I wanted to try it, so I asked her how to do it. She not only told me how but offered to do matching NYE manis!

I jumped at the chance and I'm so thankful she was willing to teach me! We used facebook messenger and it was so much fun!!
She suggested a gold glitter / purple combo so we checked our stash and found that we had a couple of Zoyas that were pretty similar. Today, the fun began! We messaged back and forth as we prepped with base coat, wrapping tips and then it went quiet while we did the base colors. Serious Business!

Pretty similar colors yeah? :D

Christine taught me to wrap the tips before ya paint! It works so much better that way! She also taught me how to dab on the glitter for the ruffian portion of the mani. We used Lynnderella Golden Rules and it is such a gorgeous holo bomb of glitter! It looks like jewels, so sparkly and pretty! Just lookatit!!

Christine's nails are so super perfectly shaped and her clean up skills -- MAD!! I say!
Christine has an instagram account at christinehk - go follow! She has gorgeous manis and a beautiful set of wheels!!

A lot of firsts were had here for me:
1. My first matching mani
2. My first time to do a mani real time online!
3. My first in the ruffian style!
4. My first friend in the fb group! :)

Thank you so much Christine!! :D I enjoyed every minute of it! These photos are for you. Thanks so much!


  1. They look really lovely and I think they are so nice just in time for a brand new sparkling New Year.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and wishing you a wonderful 2013 babe!!!


    1. Thank you so much for such kind words! :) I hope you have a wonderful year too! :)

  2. Wow, Jen! Both yours and Christine's manis are beautiful! Such a cool look, and perfect for NYE! Happy New Year's!

  3. This was such a great idea. Both of you look fab! How fun - real time painting - love it!

    1. It was awesome! We are planning to do this again for our Valentine's manis. Thank you for the compliment becacine! :)

  4. Hello...what color Zoya did you each use? Dying to know! Thanks!

    1. I used Julienne and Christine used Jem.

    2. Thank you for your quick reply! That allowed me to add Julieanne to my basket for Zoya's Get Three Free (the only charge being $10 for shipping) promotion that ended yesterday. MUCH appreciated!


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