Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pic Spam!

I've been changing polish almost every day for December and since Christmas is right around the corner I thought I would leave you with some spammage. :) I am going to take a short break from blogging during the holidays, so this post is extra long and full of photos!

Shall we begin?

Urban Lacquer is quickly becoming one of my very favorite indie polish shops. Her polishes are unique and very consistent in formula with easy application, her customer service is top notch and the packaging is always beautiful and well thought out. If those are not enough reasons, how about how generous she is?

...all proceeds will benefit Brianna Chase, a young girl who is battling Leukemia. When Brianna and I were discussing the polish's color, she requested orange, with pink and gold glitter, so I got right to work to create the perfect polish for her. The polish's name is "Brilieve" - her mom has a Facebook page dedicated to Brianna, and the page's name is "We Brilieve in Bri", and when Brianna asked if the polish could be named "Brilieve", I absolutely said YES! This is a beautiful polish for a beautiful girl, and will be up for sale this Wednesday evening (Dec 19) at 8pm, CST. Each polish is $10 each, and I will have 25 available for purchase, so make sure to order early before they sell out! Here is some fine print:

--The proceeds from the sale of this polish have been set up as a "gift" to the Chase family; meaning, Urban Lacquer, LLC will issue the proceeds ($250) to the family in the form of a check, but it will not be tax deductible, as this fundraiser is not working through a non-profit organization (in the interest of being able to gift the money to the family ASAP, and in the full amount, as these organizations usually take a percentage of the donations). Please keep this in mind when ordering, as the purchase of this polish is not tax-deductible.

--Urban Lacquer, LLC will cover all Etsy/Paypal/Direct Checkout fees, to ensure the family receives the full $250 from the sale of these 25 polishes."

(PR Sample) I wore two coats of Brilieve over Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and its absolutely stunning, don't ya think?

I added some big holo hex from Berry's Creations for an accent nail! (PR Sample)
Bri has her own Youtube Channel and Facebook page, go visit and follow! :)

(PR Sample) Shirtless on 6th St. is two coats worn over Loreal Tea and Crumpets. I just love the glitter combo of blue and orange in this one! I also love it when indie makers include stories of how they were inspired to make the polish.

I was inspired to make this polish after listening to a cousin tell me about his college shenanigans at the University of Texas in Austin, back in the 1980's. When he would go out partying on 6th St (a popular area in Austin with many bars and clubs), he told me he would wear Spandex pants, no shirt, glitter on his chest, a bow tie, and on top of all this - his hair was permed. I was DYING when he was telling me this story - it was such a visual! I just *had* to make a polish, in his honor. :-)

(PR Sample) Ab Initio, or "from the beginning" in Latin, is two coats worn over WnW Buffy the Violet Slayer. Ab was Brenda's first jelly polish and she did a great job! Its such a pretty shade of purple, and on its own can easily be layered to reach opacity.

(PR Sample) Drill Down was worn as two coats on its own and let me tell ya this one is a morpher! The color depends on the lighting, I have seen it look purple, burgundy, and even brown! The perfect polish for the office and a night out!

All of Urban Lacquer's polishes are easy to apply, have plenty of glitter and are quite unique in my opinion. :)

Next, I layered Lacquistry's Coal for Wine-ers over Drill Down, I think they're perfect together, don't you?

I've had my eye on a certain Nerd Lacquer for at least six months and have yet to find it at a price I'm willing to pay. A friend of mine knew I had been drooling over it, and so she found this near dupe and sent it to me as a Christmas gift. I'm absolutely in love with this polish from Pound of Glitter (which is also discontinued) and so happy she sent it to me!

Loreal High Tide - woosh! Can you hear the sounds of the ocean? I can!

A friend of mine gifted Corset and Fishnets to me but when I put it on I noticed it looked quite different from Glitzology's shop photo. I loved it anyway, but I let Stacy know about it because if it were my product, I would want to know too. Stacy explained to me that this was actually a prototype and must have gotten mixed in with her other polishes. She apologized profusely, sent a replacement to me and told me to choose another bottle of polish to go with it. I was pretty shocked at this amazing customer service and I even get to keep the prototype!

(PR Sample) Dust Bunnies is a pretty gunmetal glitterbomb! I wore two coats and didn't want to remove it!

Magic Fairy Stars is a Hurricane Sandy charity polish that I was lucky enough to order. Its absolutely stunning! I wore one coat over Revlon Powder Puff. Speaking of which, I finally swatched it!

Isn't it gorgeous? Its my go to white for just about anything that I layer over white. It has a purple sheen to it that is more or less hidden, its easy to apply and does not streak at all. Every other white polish I have tried has been a streaky goopy mess, but not Powder Puff!
I've used half a bottle and have one back-up. Its been discontinued but I'm still seeing it at Big Lots in those two packs and another blogger spotted it at Ross in their multipacks. If you don't have this one, seek it out!

I recently saw a sale at LynB Designs and pounced on this beautiful shade of grey. Its called Eloquent Dust and its the only medium shade of grey I've been able to find. Most of what I have seen is too dark or too light, this one is just perfect! It also has silvery shimmer, kind of hidden and subtle - sophisticated! It applied easily though I think I will add a few drops of thinner for next time as it was a little on the thick side.

Eloquent Dust made for the perfect undies to Polish Revolution's Zombie Christmas.

A grey jelly packed with green, red, silver and black glitters.

Its quite squishy looking, just like a zombie at Christmas!


Look at all the pretty glitter!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


  1. Such awesome-looking manis Jen! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. wow, so much STUNNING in this post. But Ab Inition ??? wowowowowowowow !! xx

    1. Thank you and yes yes - its gorgeous! Super squishy and deeeeeeeep!

  3. Polish Revolution's Zombie Christmas wow wow! It is so gorgeous.I love macro shot of the glitters!!

    1. Thank you! I think its limited so if you want it, grab it!!

  4. Awesome swatches, thanks! How many coats of that Pound of Glitter polish did you use for that one? And is the swatch undies-free?

    1. Thanks, I've been aching for that very same NL. ;)

  5. Your nails make me want to purchase every polish you blog about. <3


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