Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nail Glossary

Today I have added a new page to my blog and thought I would also make a post here. If you have something to contribute please comment!

From the lovely ladies of Makeupalley's nail board, I bring you our dictionary!

Blurple - A Blue Purple colored nail polish
Boobies - NfuOh nail polish bottles
Chunky - Big pieces of glitter which are "chunky" as compared to others like micro glitters.
Clean up - Cleaning up skin and cuticle area of nail polish. The Megan Chair method is very popular for this.
Crack - Crackle style nail polish, it cracks apart after application leaving a crackle effect.
Crelly - creme-jelly. Squishy but not translucent enough to be called jellies.
Dupe - An exact replica of another polish. Exact color, exact glitter shapes and sizes - if there are any differences its not a dupe.
Dusty - A store that has older nail polishes that are "dusty" from having been there so long. Many a treasure is found at dustys!
Enablers - Those evil nail board folk who encourage you to buy more polish!
Funky French - French manicure done with colors other than the traditional white tips and pink/nude base.
Fimo - a type of clay used to create sticks with designs rolled into them. They're then cut into very thin slices and used to glue on nails for decoration.
Flakie - a light see through almost cellophane jagged cut/shredded material, much like glitter but not as rigid. It is usually iridescent, but some are simply clear.
Foil - A type of polish finish in which it looks like foil when applied. Very shiny, metallic looking and opaque.
Foil Method - best way to remove glitterbombs. Acetone soaked cotton or felt placed on the glitterbombed nail, covered with foil and left for 5-10 minutes.
Franken - mixing custom polish, preferably while saying "Mwah-ha-ha, it's alive!"
Glitter sammich - The application of various glitters sandwiched between jelly polish.
Glitterbomb - Glitter polish layered so that its opaque and on all ten nails.
Gravender - A Gray-lavender colored Nail Polish
Greige - A Greyed Beige colored nail polish
Haul: ... of shame! - Purchases of polish. Up in here we buy in bulk.
HAZMAT!!!! - Inside joke that stemmed from discussion about shipping nail polish and it being a hazardous material. This is the appropriate response to the "No Time" comment.
Holmer- A helmer purchased from Hobby Lobby
Jelly - Colored polish that is not opaque, it looks like jelly.
Lemming- A nail polish you want so badly that you'd consider giving up your firstborn for it.
Lobster hands - When a nail color clashes with your skin tone & makes your hands look red.
Mannequin hands - a nude color that matches your skin tone and causes your hands to look like a Mannequin's hands.
Melmer - A helmer purchased from Michaels
muggle - Taken from the Harry Potter book series and morphed a bit for NB use. A person who does not understand the Nail Polish Enthusiast, an outsider.
Nailgasm - Self explanatory I believe!
Nailspiration - nail inspiration, what NB is for
NB - MUA Nail Board
Nip cream - Nipple Cream or 100% Lanolin. Used as cuticle cream by many nail boarders.
NO TIME!! - see Hazmat
NOTD - nail of the day
Ruffian- Kind of a backward French, however the curve follows that of the Lunula. This is often done with bright and dark colors.
Secret shimmer - Shimmer that shows in the polish bottle but not so much on the nail. A lot of companies add this to create depth of color on the nail.
S-flair: Spectraflair, a linear holographic pigment used in many Frankens.
Sheet marks- evil markings from sheets on a fresh mani caused by having gone to sleep before completely dry.
Shrinkage - When nail polish shrink away from either the free edge or cuticle area of the nail. Seche Vite is often said to cause this to happen.
Skittles - Each fingernail painted in a different color. Brights and pastels are often used for this style.
Smurf fingers - when your cuticles, skin around your nails, nail plates and fingers get stained from removing a blue (or often green, but Smurfs are blue) polish.
Spam - A lot of pretty polish or bottle photos, its a good thing!
Squishy - often used to describe a jelly or crelly type polish.
Squoval - squared oval shaping for nails
Swatch - A photo of polish applied to the nail or a nail wheel to show others what the color/finish looks like.
Tape mani - A style of nail art that uses Scotch tape to create the design.
Telmer - A helmer purchased from Target
The Angry Vag - Scrubby Tub or Up and Up NP Remover Dip, these are jars with sponge or brush soaked in acetone. Used for easy nail polish removal.
Tipwear - When polish has worn off at the free edge.
Troll - Instigator, not welcomed at the NB.
Underwear / Undies - A color painted under a sheer color to make it opaque and hide VNL
VNL - Visible Nail Line, often seen through jelly or sheer polishes. This is the line at the end of your fingertip that meets the free edge.
Water marble - A style of nail art that uses a cup of water and polish to create a marbled effect.

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