Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Franken: Jasmine's Dress

The name was inspired by Disney's Princess Jasmine. I <3 Disney!

L to R
1 coat over 2 coats Purple Pizzaz
3 coats on its own
2 coats over WnW black
2 coats over WnW White

1/2 bottle Starry Glitter from NYC
About 1/3 bottle of Purple Pizzaz from SH
And a dab of white. I tilted the bottle to pour and when the white started to flow wholey/freely, I tilted it back up. Hope that makes sense!

Whatcha think?


  1. I like this ! Jasmine has always been my favorite Disney princess (though she's tied with Rapunzel now) and it really calls her to mind.

  2. wow!!!!!! NYC starry glitter is one of my fav holos......i've mixed polishes before but never knew there was a name for this.....must do!!!!!!

  3. i always get stumped on the profile stuff.....the above comment was mine.....i love nyc starry glitter.....i'm a holo queen.....china glaze fairy dust and sh rock candy are both awesome.....the rock candy dries smooth and shiny!!!!!

  4. i did it!!!!! i used the nyc starry silver and LA colors color craze purple and a few drops kleancolor neon pink and some white..... came out more pinky-lavender but WOW!!!! very cool!!!!! i'm trying it over black & white & purple & pink & blue!!!!!! i would've thought the glitters would've disappeared into the color but nope.....i can still see them.....thanks for the recipe!!!!!! how fun!!!!!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for visiting and trying my recipe! I would love to see a photo of how yours turned out. :)


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