Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Haul

Weekend Haul

LTR: Claire's Magic which is a gorgeous dark purple with pink and green duochrome shimmer, OPI I'm Fondue of You is a reddish brown with a bit of a dark pink shimmer, Nicole Fanatical Fuchsia is fuchsia with flashes of blue/purple pearl, Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Berry It is an insanely fluorescent purple with shimmer, Sanrio Hello Kitty is baby pink with a pearly finish.

The Nicole polish was free with my Ulta coupon from Seventeenclicky to get yours!

These polishes didn't photograph true to color. =/


  1. Jen, your image has disappeared.

    1. hehe thanks! All of my flickr images were set to private so it changed every link. I didn't think anyone looked back this far! If I get more requests, I may add them back-its a huge undertaking though.


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