Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intervention, stat!

xoxoJen's Nail Polish Haul June 2010

In two days I've amassed quite a haul of nail polish. Four more are on their way so they can't be in the photograph. And I bought another one today that I forgot to put in the photo.

Bottom row: Icing pastels collection- these don't have color names but they do have a subtle shimmer. Peach, pink, mint green, blue, barely grey

Middle row: L.A. Color Craze - Nuclear Energy, Live, Magnetic Force, Phenomena, Atomic, Radiation, Current, Electrified, Wired

Top row: CQ Angel, Tahitian Green, Violet Frost. Orly Plastix Collection - Viridian Vinyl, Purple Pleather. Hot Topic has no name but its the most sparkly dark purple I've ever seen. Pure Ice - Free Spirit, Heartbreaker. Sally Hansen Adoring Amethyst. Love My Nails Dazzle. Claire's Mood polish has no name, its a purple with sparkles that turns pink when warm. Hard Candy - Sugar Daddy, Envy. Claire's Burple. Love My Nails Frosted Pink. Icing Skinny Dip.

The two in the back are Hidden Treasure by SH. I got these for swaps on MUA but haven't posted them there yet. I've already got one of my own. :)

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