Sunday, March 6, 2011

APAW 47/52 LA Girls Hustle and China Glaze Lightning Bolt

Brand: LA Girls

Color: Hustle

Coats: 3

Application: easy

Finish: Jelly

Base Coat: Instant Artificials

Top Coat: Quicken

Wear: like iron

Purchased From: Cherry Culture

xoxoJen's swatch of LA Girls Hustle

Brand: China Glaze

Color: LIghtning Bolt

Coats: 1 Over my Hustle mani

Application: dries fast, have to work quickly!

Finish: Crackle

Base Coat: Instant Artificials

Top Coat: Nail Tek Quicken

Wear:3 days, so far no chips.

Purchased From: Sally Beauty Supply

xoxoJen's swatch of China Glaze Lightning Bolt

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