Indie Polish Shops

338 shop links total
Last updated: May 21, 2017

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Black Phoenix Trading Post
Mace Polish
What's Your Shine
Lilly Anne's Garden

All Others:
365 Lacquer
6 Harts Craft Company
77 (Seventy Seven) Nail Lacquer
A Rhyming Dictionary
Ador Beauty Supplies
Aisuru Lacquer
Alchemy Lacquers
Aliquid Lacquer
All Mixed Up Lacquers
Alter Ego Body Care Products
Anchor & Heart Lacquer
Anonymous Lacquer
Ard as nails
At The End of The Rainbow
Athena & Aphrodite Polish
Aurora Lacquers
B Polished
Backwoods Nails
Bad Bitch Polish
Baroness X
Bear Pawlish
Bella Belle Nail Couture
Bettie Pain Polish
Beyond The Nail
Big T Ranch Soap
Bin Chic
Black Cat Lacquer
Black Dahlia Lacquer
Black Label Nails
Black Lace Cosmetics
Bliss Polish
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer
Blush Lacquers
Bohemian Polish
Boii Polish
Buff and Shine
Cadillacquer (CH)
Cameo Colours Lacquers
Candied Apple Polish
Candy Lacquer
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics
Celestial Cosmetics
Chaos and Crocodiles
Chaotic Glitz Polish
Charlie's Rad Lacquer
Cinema Swatch Lacquers
Cirque Colors
Coco LacQuer
Colores De Carol
Colors by Llarowe
Contrary Polish
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
Crows Toes
Cupcake Polish
Daily Charme
Daily Lovelies
Dainty Digits
Dam Polish
Danglefoot Nail Polish
Daphine Polish
Dark Metal Lacquer
Darling Diva Polish
Dazzle Glaze
DD Nail Lacquer
Delush Polish
Different Dimension
Digital Nails
Disturbed Potions
Doctor Lacquer
Dollish Polish
Domani Polish
Dreamland Lacquer
Drip Drop NailPaint
Dynamic Polish
Eclectic Girls
Edgy Polish
Elevation Polish
Eliana Collection
Ella + Mila
Ellagee Polish
Ellie Dane
Ellison's Organics
Emerald and Ash
EmilydeMolly (AU)
EmilydeMolly (US)
Enchanted Polish
Encore Nail Polish
Ever After Polish
Every Beauty Boutique
Fair Maiden
Fairytale Finish
Fanchromatic Nails
Fancy Gloss Polish
Fangirl Polish
Femme Fatale Cosmetics (AU)
Fiendish Fancies
Fiendish Fancies
Firecracker Lacquer
Floss Gloss
Foxy Paws Polish
Freckles Polish
Frenzy Polish
Frightfully Spectacular
Fun Lacquer
Geek Chic Lacquer
Gem City Tiffany
GG Couture Nail Lacquer
Girly Bits
Glam Polish
Glimmer by Erica
Glitter Daze
Glitter Gal (AU)
Glitter Guilty
Glitter Lambs
Glitter or Die
Glitterfied Nails
Glitzd 23
Glossome Polish
Graceful Polish
Grace-full Nail Polish
Great Lakes Lacquer
Gridlock Lacquer
Grim and Glamorous
Heather's Hues
Hex Potions
Hit Polish
Hit the Bottle Polishes
Honey Bunny Lacquer
Honey Lacquer
I Love Nail Polish
I,A.M…Customer Color Cosmetics
Impulse Cosmetics
Incidental Twin
Indie Polish (CA)
Indigo Bananas
Jior Couture
Jolie Polish
Joy Lacquer
K*Sea Gales Nails
Knockout Lacquer
Kristi’s Klean Kreations
la couleur couture
Lac Attack
LaCC Beauty - Lac Couleur Couture
Lacquer Lust
Lavish Polish
le polish
Leesha's Lacquer
Lemming Lacquer
Less Than 3 Lacquer
Let It Glitter
Level Up Lacquer
Lilypad Lacquer (AU)
Limitless Lacquer
Liquid Sky Lacquer
Literary Lacquer
Little Nail Girl
Live Life Polished
Lolita Lacquer
Lollipop Posse Lacquer
Lou it Yourself
Love Angeline
Luckey Lacquer
Lucky 13 Lacquer
Lumina Lacquer
Lust Nail Lacquer
Luxe Lacquer
Lyn B Designs
Mace Polish
Marbles For Polish
Mckf Resh
Miss Ashleigh
Moo Moo's Signatures
Moonflower Polish
Moonstone Nail Polish (AU Only)
Mrs. P's Potions (CA)
Ms Sparkle
MTK Design
My Darling Curios
My World Sparkles
Nail Hoot
Nail Juice
Nail Me
Nail Nation 3000
Nail Pattern Boldness
Nail Potions by Kunimitsu
Native War Paints
ND Lacquers
Necessary Evil Polish
Nerd Lacquer
NeverMind Polish
Night Owl Lacquer
Nine Zero
Ninja Polish
Nire's Desire
Noodles Nail Polish
Northern Star
Nvr Enuff Polish
O My Jewels
Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Ooh La Lacquer
Opulent Essences
Paint Box Polish
Painted Polish
Painted Sabotage
Palate Polish
Parallax Polish
Paris Sparkles
Parrot Polish
Party Girl Lacquer
Peachtree Polish
Peita's Polish (AUS)
Pickled Tink
Picture Polish
Pink Dipsy Bulle Franken Polish
Pink Hibiscus Beauty
Pinkey Nails
Pinup Polish
Pinwheel Polish
Pipe Dream
Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish
Poison'd Lacquer
Polish Acoholic
Polish Addict
Polish Me Silly
Polish Me To Go
Polish My Life
Polish TBH
Polish Your Dreams
Polished By Kpt
Potion Polish
Powder Perfect
Pretty and Polished
Pretty Beautiful
Pretty Jelly
Pretty Serious (AU)
Rainbow Honey
Rainbow Polish
Red Dog Designs
Royal Lacquer
Ruby White Tips
Sassy Pants Polish
Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Scofflaw Varnish
Sea Lore
Serum No5
Seven and Parker
Seven Sisters Mercantile
Shades of Phoenix (AU)
Shannon's Nail Candy
Shimmer Polish
Shinespark Polish
Shleee Polish
Silly Bees Chickadees
Sincerely Polish
Sirens Call
Slick Lacquer
Smokey Mountain Lacquers
Smudged Polish
Sobe Botanicals
Sonoma Nail Art
Space Time Travels
Sparkle Nail Lacquer
Sparkle With Pop Polish
Special Ones Lacquer
Spectrum Cosmetic
Spell Polish
Spellbound Nails
Spy Princess
Squishy Face Polish
Stached Polish
Starlight and Sparkles
Super Black Laccquer
Superficially Colorful
Supernatural Lacquer
Sweet Heart Polish
Sweet Lacquer
Sweet Pea Polish
Syn Cosmetics
Takko Lacquer
Tara's Talons
Tawdry Terrier
The Devil Wears Polish
The Don Deeva
The Howling Boutique
The Hungry Asian
The Lady Varnishes
The Nail Junkie
The Polish Bar
Tonic Nail Polish
Top Shelf Lacquer
Treasures by Tan
Trelly Misc Polish
Trust Fund Beauty
Turtle Tootsie Polish
Tux Polish
Twee & Honey
Vapid Lacquer
Virago Varnish
Vivid Lacquer
VV Polish Designs
Whimsical Ideas By Pam
Willow Tree Minerals
Wingdust Collections (CA)
Wingin It Lacquer
Wishful Bath and Beauty
Wonder Beauty Products
XOXO Nail Candy
You Polish
Yume Lacquer
Zombie Claw Polish
Zombie Darlings
ZRs Polish

Feel free to link back to this page, but please don't copy or republish my list. :)

Additional sources:
If you're looking for stockists, there's an awesome list at cupicakexx.
If you'd like more of a visual, Sabrina has a pinterest board with images of shop banners that you can click to get to the shop!

In my obsession to find and learn about every single indie polish shop, I started with a search for a list. The only list I could find at the time was one on MUA that haayleyy posted on Feb 22, 2012. Her list consisted of 27 polish shop names.

Since I was not able to find a single source with a big hyperlinked list of shops, I decided to create one. I used haayleyy's list of the 27 shops as a starting point, removed the dollar amounts, alphabetized it and added hyperlinks to each shop and then published it here on February 23, 2012.

I have since added well over 800 shops to my list. On occasion, I scrub the list to remove broken links, change links, and remove shops that have not been active for several months or have closed. I've removed over 400 links so far. I'm fairly certain that my list will never be all inclusive, but it's a really good start.

I truly appreciate your help when you report new shops, broken links, or closed shops via my contact form or email.

I hope you find the list useful and thanks for the visit!


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