Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Emily de Molly: Half Orange

Story time!
Some time ago another blogger and I started joking with each other by calling purple polishes orange. I'd find a gorgeous purple and tag her in it saying it was a lovely orange and she'd do the same. We joked for a while and then this polish from EdM was released. When I saw it's name was Half Orange, I laughed and when I saw it my jaw dropped. Since then, I've wanted this nail polish. I bookmarked it, it was on my wishlist, I looked for swatches of it etc. At the time, I was on a very long no buy so I couldn't buy it.

That changed this year.

I decided to splurge on a trip to PBE and buy several polishes. Half Orange was part of my splurge and I'm SO happy to have it! In usual blogger fashion, below are my photos and believe me when I say, it's prettier in person than photos can capture. If you've been considering getting this one, get it! I wore two coats with topcoat for a smooth finish and ya'll, it literally is Half Orange.

xoxoJen's swatch of Emily de Molly: Half Orange xoxoJen's swatch of Emily de Molly: Half Orange xoxoJen's swatch of Emily de Molly: Half Orange xoxoJen's swatch of Emily de Molly: Half Orange

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  1. OMG! I saw the title to this post and had to laugh. I also saw that you made at least one "orange" polish in the polish making session. I'm so glad you were able to go this year and have fun picking up and making some "orange" polish!

    1. Hiiiii!! So glad you saw this! I'd be happy to edit in your name/link if you'd like. I was unsure when I wrote it if you'd want to be outed. xD And YES! I did make one and three people at my table asked for the recipe! I was so humbled that others liked my creation enough to make it!

    2. I know I'm not as active on social media anymore, but I have my blog reading list and will pop in to read posts when I can! I remember the first Polish Con I brought polishes I made to give away. Now people can make their own at the event. It's nice to see hobby polish making getting to be more accessible.


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