Thursday, March 16, 2023

KBShimmer: Plant One On Me

After months of brown and gray everywhere, one day you wake up, and the grass is green, the first pops of purple, yellow, pink, and green begin to emerge. The Plant One On Me collection is inspired by the rainbow of hues seen from spring to fall. This bright and bold collection offers a variety of finishes to add a pop of floral-inspired color to your nails.

Spring Theory – Come February, we’re all watching for the groundhog to see if Spring truly is around the corner. There are warm days when it feels like we’re almost there, but then out of nowhere, snow! But there is hope; popping through the snow are the green leaves and colorful blooms of crocus, proving that spring weather is not just a dream, but soon to come.

Spring Theory nail polish starts with a snowy white crelly base. Tiny glitters in shades of blue, purple, yellow, green, and pink swim within like a bed of flowers popping through that last snow of the season. Shown in two coats with quick-dry topcoat.

So Impatiens – Some count down the days until spring break, others until the threat of frost has passed so that seedlings and flowers can finally be planted. That waiting for the sun to warm the earth and air enough to plant can seem endless but is well worth the reward of impatiens brightening up hanging baskets or garden beds.

So Impatiens nail polish is a vibrant and punchy pink shade loaded with shifty shimmer and holo glow flakes. Lower lighting brings out hints of orange, red, and gold, which can make the magenta pink appear more coral. This twinkling shimmer is shown in two coats with topcoat.

That’s Ranunculus – As farmer’s markets and cut-your-own-flower locations ramp up, it would be ridiculous to imagine those curated bouquets without ranunculus. Bursting forth in hues of orange, pink, red, and cream, these near scentless blossoms are ideal to fill vases with bright color, adding a touch of spring indoors.

That’s Ranunculus nail polish borrows its vibrant orange hue from those vibrant blooms. A burnt orange background shimmers with sparks of red, magenta, and tangerine. In bold lighting or under flash, gold reflective glitters twinkle, bringing out a pinker shade of shimmer. Shown in two coats with quick-dry topcoat.

Daffodil With It – As the earth cools in the fall, we plant rows of bulbs, hoping that come spring, vibrant yellow blooms will burst forth. These jovial flowers with their fun shape truly let us know that a new season is upon us. Cut in vases, or left to bloom outdoors, daffodils help us deal with those last winter days, knowing that soon our days of heavy layers and staying indoors will give way to spring dresses and summer parties.

Daffodil With It is a vibrant yellow linear holographic nail polish. This joyful hue mimics those early spring buds with its golden tone leaning slightly green, for a near true yellow in bright lighting. Shown in two coats with topcoat, this shade will come alive in the sun, making it the perfect hue to usher in warmer weather.

Change Of Plants – Heading down to the garden center is a dangerous hobby. You only need potting soil, and yet next thing you know, you’re switching your cart for a flatbed filled with trays of flowers for garden beds, planters, and some new greenery to spruce up the indoors.

Change Of Plants nail polish echoes those rows of bright green leaves. A shimmery base shows off hues of lemon yellow, gold, lime, and leaf green. A hint of micro holographic glitter adds a dew-like twinkle like freshly watered plants catching the sunlight. Shown in two coats with topcoat.

Lilac It Or Not – Growing up, Christy had a magical tree-lined fortress. Vibrant green leaves easily hid her friends by late spring, sparking afternoon games of hide and seek. As the days warmed, fragrant blue and purple blooms added to the magic of their favorite fortress, as the huge “trees” were actually lilacs nurtured for years into some of the largest bushes she has ever seen.

Lilac It Or Not nail polish pays homage to those aromatic bunches of tiny blossoms. A cool blue base offers up a bed for holo glow flakes to twinkle and shine. Subtle lighting or shade, along with different viewing angles, bring out lavender and purple hues while brighter lighting amps up an icy blue shimmer and holo sparkles. Shown in two coats, this floral shade will be one you’ll love regardless of the season.

Before & Aster – Sometimes spring planting can seem like a waiting game. Waiting to see which perennials return, and which will need a bit more care to bring forth vibrant blooms. Before spring turns into summer, gardens are weeded and small bundles of greenery are carefully placed so that after a while, you can enjoy bursts of color late into the summer and fall.

Before & Aster nail polish is a deep cornflower blue-leaning periwinkle. Loaded with holo glow flakes, bright light brings about a rainbow sparkle along with a vibrant pink shimmer. In the shade, the color-shifting shimmer shows off hints of copper, green and gold. This aster-inspired shade is shown in two coats.

Simply Iris-istible – Sturdy green stems stand proud, boasting vibrant blooms in the classic fleur-de-lis shape; it’s no wonder why irises hold court in many a late spring garden. Offering a plethora of colors, from deep purples and delicate creams to fluttery yellows and deep reds, these majestic flowers offer a rainbow of irresistible hues to brighten any garden bed.

Simply Iris-istible nail polish is a muted royal purple loaded with glowing holo flakes. Brighter lighting amplifies the holo while bringing out gold and green from the shimmery base. In lower lighting or shade, a near rainbow of hues shift from a dusty rose to copper, gold, green, and blue, depending on the viewing angle. This iris-inspired shade is shown in two coats.

Ultra-Violet – When the weather warms and grass ends its dormancy, lawns across the nation perk up. In some regions, tiny purple violets dot the lawn. Many a tiny bouquet have been made from those miniature floral stems, reflecting the joy of picking flowers to give to a loved one.

Ultra-Violet is a purple reflective shade boldly colored to usher in warm weather. In low light, purple reflective glitters subtly twinkle, setting off a deep purple violet hue. In brighter light, the purple reflective glitters burst forth, giving off a near ultraviolet color. Reflective shades are best applied in two thin coats, topped with a glitter-smoothing topcoat before a coat of quick-dry topcoat as shown.

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