Tuesday, August 30, 2022

xoxoJen's 3D Technique with KBShimmer: Happy Camper

Hi ya'll! I created a really cool 3D look with KBShimmer's Happy Camper polish last year and had totally forgot to share it! I love the effect, and it's so subtle that it would still be appropriate in formal settings. It can be done with any cream polish that can stamp!

xoxoJen's swatch of KBShimmer: Happy Camper 3D Nailart xoxoJen's swatch of KBShimmer: Happy Camper 3D Nailart

1. Do your nails as usual with a light cream shade. (dark ones may hide the shadow effect)
2. Top coat or use a glitter tamer three to four times.
3. After completely dry, stamp with the same cream polish.
4. Top coat over that.
This technique can be done over a few days or several hours to allow the extra layers to dry well. It creates a shadow for a 3D effect and is not a double processed stamp. :)

I noticed the 3D effect in 2015 when I was doing the black lace saran wrap nail art in a challenge and just never tried to replicate it until 2021. I'm regretting not having attempted it again sooner because it is so cool and easy to do! I hope you enjoy the xoxoJen 3D technique!
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