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KBShimmer: In Good Spirits Collection

KBShimmer's In Good Spirits collection launches November 19 at The collection is inspired by celebrating the holidays, friends, family, and the memories made. Let KBShimmer bring you cheer this holiday season.
Shop early to take advantage of the Black Friday sale, running from Friday, November 19th – Monday, November 29th, 2021. Use code BLACKFRIDAY15 to save 15% off your entire order, including the new In Good Spirits Collection. The first 500 orders will receive a free gift TBD.

Clean Start Gel Cuticle Remover

Starting with clean and prepped nails is important and this gel style cuticle remover is effective at getting the job done. Cuticle is the sticky film that clings to the nail plate all the way down to the free edge of the nail as the nail grows. The film is not visible, but I have found that using pure acetone will often reveal it by coloring parts of it white. I did this in the before photos so you can see some of the cuticle on the nail plate. The remover gel eliminates the dead cuticle from the nail with weekly use.
TO USE: Working on one hand at a time, use the brush to apply the gel to bare nails. Wait 15 seconds, then gently push from tip to skin with a cuticle pusher. You'll see the gel go from clear to more translucent as the dead cuticle is lifted from the nail plate. Be gentle, the removal should not cause any discomfort; too much downward pressure can cause injury. When done, wash thoroughly with soap and water to clean excess remover from the skin. I followed the removal with a KBShimmer scrub, blotted my hands a towel and then sealed with KBShimmer cuticle oil. (the after photos show this method).

Warning: Do not use on cuts or open wounds. Avoid leaving the remover on skin longer than the recommended wait time, and always thoroughly wash it off with soap and water. External use only.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol. May Contain Fragrance.

I tried to get a good shot of the gel sitting on the brush to show that it's fairly thick, not runny.

Before: acetone applied to reveal the cuticle layer on top of the nail

Gel applied to whole nail plate. Cuticle grows with the nail down the entire length to the tip. The purpose of removing cuticle from the nail plate is to help polish adhere better.

After: Washed with soap/water, then sugar scrub, lightly dried, KBshimmer cuticle oil applied.

After Midnight
As flashy as a sequined dress with its micro light-catching glitter. A deep, near black charcoal color, After Midnight twinkles as light catches the facets of its reflective pigment for a velvet-like look. Two thin coats are best or one coat over a black cream. (without topcoat it has a matte and slightly textured finish) Removal was just like a cream or shimmer polish, not difficult at all.

A Little Cooler - Limited, will be discounted!
The pigment went from super flashy holo to glowy holo so Christy decided to sell what has been bottled at a deeply discounted price. There are a limited number of bottles available and the Black Friday sales code will also apply to the already discounted rate of $6. She will be looking for replacement pigment and if found, she'll re-release. If you want this version - grab it on launch!
A magnetic holographic nail polish topper that brings sparkle to any manicure. When pulled with the magnet, a sheer grey cast will be left. Shown as one coat over a black cream polish.

All That Glimmers
A soft rose-gold nail polish loaded with micro reflective pigment. This warm pink hue offers a near matte finish with a subtle texture when worn without topcoat. When a flash of light hits your nails, the silver pigment reflects an unbelievable glimmering twinkle. Shown in two thin coats with topcoat. (without topcoat it has a matte and slightly textured finish) Removal was just like a cream or shimmer polish, not difficult at all.

Fizz The Season
A champagne-inspired holographic nail polish. A pearl-colored base is accented by strong flashes of gold and copper shimmer. The holographic pigment pops under bright lighting to reveal a fantastic linear holo rainbow. Two coats shown with topcoat.

In Good Spirits
An iridescent shade with a magical color shift. The polish can be worn on its own or layered over other colors. Shown over a soft crelly white and over black. Layering over light base colors will bring out shades of green, gold, lime, and pink.Over black shows bold shades of emerald, fuchsia, purple and sometimes aqua. As with all multichromes, lighting and viewing angles will change the colors you see. Shown in 1 coat over each with topcoat.

Public Displays of Confection
Brick red in color, this polish shifts from golden bronze hues to warm peach. Scattered holo flakes shine in the sun, while gold, lime, and chartreuse green show in the shade at different viewing angles. Shown in 2 coats.

Shake Things Up
An almost pewter base, this shifty polish is loaded with shimmer. In the light a bright green and warm gold pop while glowing holo flakes add sparkle. In low light a soft bronze shifts into yellow and green. Shown in 2 coats.

Take a Bough
A vibrant green accented by a gold to lime to green color-shifting shimmer and glowing holo flakes. In the shade, darker green and teal can be seen at some angles. Shown in 2 coats.

Tapped Out
A dark denim-colored polish that features a glowy pink shimmer with hints of green and gold. Super twinkly silver reflect pigment is packed in for extra flash. Shown in two coats with topcoat. (without topcoat it has a matte and slightly textured finish) Removal was just like a cream or shimmer polish, not difficult at all.

What's Poppin
A bright magenta pink nail polish loaded with glowy holo flakes. A color-shifting shimmer accents this bold shade with a vibrant green hue that flips into aqua and purple. In low light, golds and purples steal the show. As with all multichromes, lighting and viewing angles will change the colors you see. Shown in 2 coats. One of my favorites! I love the slighly purple berry shade and the shimmer in it makes it look more purple at some angles.

Worth A Shot
A cool purple-leaning polish loaded with multichrome shimmer. This polish shows nearly a full spectrum of color, with rusty orange reds morphing into gold, lime and blue in lower lighting. In bright light, hues of peach, green, and aqua pop against the purple base. As with all multichromes, lighting and viewing angles will change the colors you see, especially the purple. The base looks dark in all of my photos but at other angles and lighting it can look like a really light shade. Shown in 3 coats with topcoat.

Wrap It Up
A deep indigo base with a flurry of glowy holo flakes. The shimmer shifts from red to orange to gold to pink. Shown in 2 coats with topcoat. It reminds me of the NASA photos of galaxies, I could get lost in this polish.

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