Saturday, September 25, 2021

Polish Pickup: October 2021

Polish Pickup's theme for October is Monsters and Mythical Creatures. I've got a few items to show you today, these are all launching on Oct 1-4 for pre-order.

KBShimmer Rise Up
Starts with a dusty blue crelly base and then is loaded with metallic flakes that shift from a red, orange, gold, and at some angles green.
Inspired by a mythical phoenix soaring through an early evening sky
No cap

When Christy says this is loaded with flakes, she is not playing around. Shown in two coats with topcoat. Note: The first coat was very sheer and there are so many flakes I only needed two coats for this look. When I polish, I don't use thin coats, so ymmv.

KBShimmer Under the Sea scrub
A blend of frozen drink and tropical island where mermaids spend their time on land. Fruity, sweet, and succulent notes of watermelon, cantaloupe, and pure sugarcane; blooms of lilies and orchids with salty ocean breezes and pure white sand combine to make this fragrance. The scrub is boldly colored with swirled hues of purple, pink, and aqua, with a hint of pink biodegradable glitter on top. The jar features a heat-sealed lid for leak-proof transit.
Inspired by Christy's interest in mermaids.

Lynb Meowlogical
Inspired by the mythical and fabulous caticorn
A medium grey toned purple base with intense pink to orange to green shifting shimmer and scattered holo sparkle.
No cap

Such a pretty base shade of lavender and the shift is strong! I think my bright lighting blows it out a little bit, definitely there in lower lighting situations as shown in the third image.

Nevermind Flayer of Minds
A creamy grey base with red and purple duochrome color shift
Cap: 200
Inspiration: D&D Mind Flayer

Such a stunner! I love a good purple/grey combo and this one is amazingly gorgeous! The shimmer is so easily noticable shifting between a purpley hue and a fuchsia.

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