Wednesday, August 11, 2021

LynB Designs: Check out my Crystal...Gems collection

This new collection launches Friday August 13th at Swatches shown below are two coats with topcoat unless otherwise noted. This is a beautiful collection with a variety of finishes and color!

Rainbow Quartz- pale lavender base with pink to yellow to green shifting shimmer and holo flakies

Fluorite- a purple to white thermal with purple to pink to orange to yellow shifting shimmer and green to purple crystal flakies and a touch of holo sparkle

Crazy Lace Agate- a holo flakie base with flakies that shift from red to orange to yellow and blue to green to gold, pink to green shifting shimmer, and holo sparkle
Shown in three coats with topcoat.

Tiger Eye- a reddish brown base with gold to green to red shifting magnetic pull and scattered holo micro shreds
Shown in three coats magnetized with a bar magnet, diagonally.

Zoisite-purple/red to pale green thermal base with black, white, iridescent, and silver holo glitters

Moonstone- pale indigo blue holo base with pink to green shifting shimmer

Watermelon Tourmaline- watermelon pink base filled with green to blue and green to purple crystal flakies and a hint of holo.

Alexandrite- warm toned purple base with blue to purple shifting magnetic pull, green to purple shifting UCC flakies and a hint of sparkle
Magnetized with a ring magnet.

Opal- a topper with a linear holo base filled and a mix of three different shifting crystal flakies
Shown in three coats on its own.

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