Friday, January 22, 2021

Nevermind: Fat Tuesday Duo

Nevermind Polish is bringing us a holo duo inspired by Mardi Gras. These launched already, so you can get them now!

Mardi Green
Vibrant green linear holographic

A slightly more grassy shade of green than a straight up lime shade. I'm loving it, what do ya'll think of it? It's opaque in three coats as shown and is smooth and easy to apply. I took one photo under a different light because it makes the holo rainbows just sing!

Purple Parade
Deep purple linear holographic

Super grapey and ya'll the blue flame in the holo is EVERYTHING. Hard to capture in photos. trust. :) Easy to apply, opaque in two coats. I also took a photo under that light that blings out the holo.

Some fun stamping! I used H La Cosadora polish to stamp and a design from their Fortune Cookie plate.

I added matte topcoat, and absolutely love it this way!

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